New Breyers Layered Desserts s’mores and peach cobbler are summer must haves

Breyers Layered Dessert, S'mores, photo provided by Breyers
Breyers Layered Dessert, S'mores, photo provided by Breyers /

Ice cream and summer are a perfect pairing. New Breyers Layered Desserts s’mores and peach cobbler flavors bring summer classic desserts to the ice cream bowl.

Make some space in the freezer. While frozen treats are always popular during the warm summer months, the new Breyers Layered Desserts ice cream flavors combine classic summer desserts with ice cream. When you cannot decide between desserts, this ice cream could be an option.

The concept behind this Breyers ice cream is simple. Each layer has a specific flavor. It is usually one flavor surrounded on both sides by another flavor. In some ways, you control creating the perfect bite. One scoop could have varying combinations of each flavor.

The new new flavors joining the Breyers Layered Desserts line are S’mores and Peach Cobbler. While many people enjoy these summer desserts at the backyard barbecue, this new dessert option changes how these desserts can be enjoyed.

Since s’mores is such a popular flavor, it isn’t surprising that Breyers expanded to this flavor. According to the brand, this flavor consists of “layer of smooth and creamy Breyers Vanilla mixed with sweet and crunchy graham cracker pieces between two layers of Breyers Chocolate with gooey marshmallows.”

The key to this flavor being successful is the crunchiness of the graham cracker pieces. One of the best parts about a s’mores dessert is the combination of textures. Even in a frozen treat, that crunchy bit is needed.

Breyers Layered Desserts, peach cobbler
Breyers Layered Desserts, Peach Cobbler, photo provided by Breyers /

For the Peach Cobbler flavor, Breyers describes that flavor as “a layer of delicious Breyers Peach ice cream and stirs in buttery shortbread pieces between two layers of Breyers Vanilla with peach cobbler bites to create that classic à la mode creation in one scoop.” In some ways, this ice cream could be the perfect pairing to an actual peach cobbler. Since the vanilla ice cream is the predominate flavor, it could make that classic summer stone fruit dessert even tastier.

As ice cream flavors continue to expand, it is interesting that Breyers is looking at classic desserts for this line. Even though bold spices and elevated combinations might interest some people, classics never go out of style. In some ways, these ice cream flavors bring a scoop of nostalgia to dessert.

The two new Breyers Layered Dessert flavors of S’mores and Peach Cobbler are available at various retailers. The Peach Cobbler is a limited edition flavor available only until the fall. A container has a suggested retail price of $3.99.

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What do you think of the new Breyers Layered Dessert flavors? Will a container find its way to your freezer?