New HARIBO Passport Mix travels the world through flavorful candies

New HARIBO Passport Mix, photo provided by HARIBO
New HARIBO Passport Mix, photo provided by HARIBO /

Even though your actual passport might be in the drawer, the new HARIBO Passport Mix brings a global adventure of flavors in a single bag.

Ready to explore some new flavors? The new HARIBO Passport Mix takes candy lovers on a journey around the world. With various shapes and flavors, this limited edition Passport Mix candy could be a way to satisfy that wanderlust without leaving the couch.

For 100 years, HARIBO and its gummy candies have been delighting candy fans. The brand calls itself the number one gummy candy in the U.S. Whether it is that classic Goldbear, new sour flavored options or even the watermelon candy that launched last year, the Germany candy company is always on trend.

With the candy being available in 100 countries worldwide, HARIBO is releasing this special edition Passport Mix to celebrate various the candies and shapes around the world. While some of the shape/country combination might not be obvious, everyone will enjoy taking a bite.

According to HARIBO, each Passport Mix bag includes the following:

"Crocs (France)Balla Balla (Spain/Portugal)Brixx (Spain/Portugal)Rings (UK/Ireland)Cherries (Germany/US)Goldbears (Germany/US)Happy Cola (Germany/US)Airplanes (limited edition shape)"

While everyone will have their favorite, the Happy Cola gummies are a must try. If you have never had this HARIBO candy, it is an experience. This candy captures that flavor refreshing cola flavor.

Looking at the other candies the limited-edition airplane shape is quite cute. If you are looking play with your candy, use the plane to travel the globe with your kids. It could be a fun way to go from country to country and think about food and culture. While the food names might be different, the flavors are more similar than people realize.

Lastly, if you want to impress your friends with some HARIBO candy knowledge, here is an interesting fact. Sometimes color and flavor are not necessarily obvious. According to the brand, that green Goldbear in America is actually strawberry flavored. Maybe you knew that fact. If not, it could make you grab the green one first, instead of leaving it to the final bear in the bag.

The limited edition, new HARIBO Passport Mix will be available in stores from May through September with a suggested retail price of $1.49.

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What is your favorite gummy candy? Do you pick your favorite based on flavor, color or shape?