Best $10 wines to celebrate National Wine Day

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Ready to celebrate National Wine Day? These best $10 wines will have you popping corks and pouring a glass to celebrate the food holiday.

Time to uncork, relax and enjoy a special bottle of wine on National Wine Day, May 25. While you are relaxing on this celebratory day, the last thing you should worry about is your bank account. Discover wines from Portugal and Spain that can be found in the $10 range. At that price, you may want to pick up a case or two!

One of the most popular Portuguese white wines is Vinho Verde. Crisp and bright with a little effervescence. This lovely wine is also available in rosé. Available for $10 a bottle, it is the perfect wine to have in your fridge to sip on your patio or enjoy at the lake.

Fun find: Gatao Vinho Verde, white and rosé. It’s the bottle with the cat (“gatao”) on the label. Enjoy it with seafood and Portuguese style roasted potatoes.

What would a celebration be without bubbles? Spanish Cava is delightful, light and crisp with lots of fun bubbles. Pop the cork and enjoy with tapas – seafood, nuts, olives, Spanish cheeses.

Fun find: Masia de la Luz Cava Brut.  Bright citrus and green apple notes and a crisp finish.

Best $10 Wines
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Get your grillin’ on you red wine lovers!  Celebrate National Wine Day with juicy steaks on the grill served with this fun find: Spanish red wine – Honoro Vera Garnacha. Intense aromas of ripe red fruits, sweet cherries, dark plums with a spicy white pepper finish.

Spaniards love their rosé and well they should. They know that anytime is a good time to serve rosé wine. Fun find: Burgo Viejo “Rosado”  Rosé Wine.  Made from 100% Garnacha, grapes that are commonly used to make Spanish rosé. Vibrant pink color with notes of strawberry and a hint of raspberry with a crisp finish.

If you want to stretch your dollar even further, make one of Spain’s most popular drinks: Sangria. Sparkling rosé is a refreshing addition to this wine + fruit libation.

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What are your favorite $10 wines? What wine will you be sipping for National Wine Day?