Kellogg’s MASHUPS Cereal are the best of both cereals

New Kellogg's Mashup Cereal, photo provided by Kelloggs
New Kellogg's Mashup Cereal, photo provided by Kelloggs /

Cereal fans are rejoicing. The new Kellogg’s MASHUPS Cereal is hitting store shelves and everyone will want to buy an extra box.

When you can’t decide between your two favorite cereals, Kellogg’s MASHUP Cereal is the ultimate cereal combination that everyone will be craving. Hitting store shelves in June, this new limited-edition cereal combines two favorite, iconic brands into one tasty treat. How many boxes will you buy?

The newest Kellogg’s cereal has many people saying, why didn’t they think of this idea sooner? The Kellogg’s MASHUPS Cereal puts Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops into one box. Basically, it is like having half of each cereal in one box.

When thinking about combining two Kellogg’s cereals together, the Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops make sense. While both cereals tend to have a sweeter taste, they have their own unique qualities.

Frosted Flakes are sweet with a changing texture. As milk gets into all the flakes, the texture becomes a little less crunchy.

Froot Loops have that fruity flavor while still having a touch sweetness. Plus, the round shape and varied colors makes eating a spoonful of fun.

Combining these two iconic cereals into one box makes for entertaining eating. In some bites there could be more Froot Loops and in another bite less. In a way, each spoonful is a new adventure.

While this limited edition Kellogg’s MASHUPS Cereal will hitting store shelves, it begs the question, what other cereal mashups would be a great idea. One easy idea would be Apple Jacks and Corn Pops.

By combining Apple Jacks and Corn Pops, the two flavors would play off each other well. Corn and apple are a classic combination. Additionally, the two shapes offer a contrast in textures. Maybe this combination will be the next mashup flavor to hit store shelves.

The Kellogg’s MASHUPS Cereal combining Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops will hit store shelves in June. A 9.8 oz box will retail for $3.99 and a 15.6 oz box will retail for $5.69.

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Are you excited for this cereal mashup? What other cereal combinations would you like to see?