TWIX Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Bar is a summer must have

Twix Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bars, photo provided by Twix
Twix Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bars, photo provided by Twix /

TWIX Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Bar brings favorite flavors to the new frozen treat.

Frozen treats and summer are a perfect pair. The new TWIX Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Bar is the latest flavor innovation to hit the freezer aisle. While some people might still ponder which TWIX side is better, everyone will agree that this ice cream treat is a must try.

Recently, TWIX added a Cookies & Cream flavor to its candy bar line-up. This new frozen treat borrows similar flavors from that candy bar. According to the TWIX, the ice cream bar combines “creamy vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate cookie pieces, topped with crunchy chocolate cookies.”

In a way, this new ice cream innovation builds on two fan favorites, TWIX and cookies & cream ice cream. TWIX has long been a favorite candy bar because of its combination of textures. While the caramel tops the crunchy cookie, the chocolate that envelopes the two flavors adds the richness. Each bite is quite satisfying.

Cookies & cream has been one of the most popular ice cream flavors. In a way, that one ice cream flavor combines two desserts in one, vanilla ice cream and sandwich cookies.

Also, the crunch from the cookies adds to the satisfaction of each bite. Whether some bites have more cookie or others have less, it is always a tasty surprise.

The new TWIX Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Bar builds on those ideas. While the center of the bar refers to the classic ice cream, the crunchy chocolate cookie topping makes it special. That little crunch in the smooth chocolate is like a surprise in each bite.

While these ice cream bars are meant to be eaten straight out of the package, no one would blame you for eating one with a spoon. Sometimes each bite is meant to be savored.

The new TWIX ice cream bar is available at various retailers. It is sold in both singles and multi-packs.

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What is your favorite summer frozen treat? Could this new TWIX ice cream bar become your summer obsession?