Colorful mocktails make for a picture-perfect summer sip

Colorful Mocktails, photo provided by Mad Tasty
Colorful Mocktails, photo provided by Mad Tasty /

Colorful mocktails are a vibrant sip.

Cocktails do not have to be the only beverage at the summer party. Colorful mocktails add not only a vibrant hue to the glass, but they are quite flavorful. Are you ready for a picture-perfect summer toast?

Sometimes people choose a beverage based on the color. While it might be preferred to choose drinks based on flavors or a particular pairing, a colorful sip can be quite enticing. Everyone could be looking at the glass and have drink envy.

Recently, unicorn drinks and unicorn food have continued to be a big food trend. From bold purples and energetic fuchsias, the multi-colored unicorn inspired treats add to the fun. Even though the unicorn might be a mystical creature, these inspired treats are quite real.

Mad Tasty and its Unicorn Tears beverage have created some colorful mocktails that will give your friends drink envy. From a Unicorn Float to a Unicorn Sunrise, these mocktails are tasty. And, no alcohol is in these drinks. Who says that you need alcohol to have a party?

Ready for colorful mocktails?

Unicorn Float

Ice cream and summer are a classic combination. This mocktail combines the Mad Tasty Unicorn Tears with rainbow sherbet. It is basically the easiest mocktail to make.

Unicorn Float


  • A couple of scoops of rainbow sherbet
  • 1 can of Mad Tasty Unicorn Tears


  • Put scoops of rainbow sherbet in a glass
  • Pour Mad Tasty Unicorn Tears over rainbow sherbet
  • Grab a spoon, drink and enjoy!

Unicorn Float recipe has been provided by Mad Tasty.

Unicorn Sunrise

Many people enjoy a Tequila Sunrise. That cocktail makes people think of a beach vacation. This mocktail version has a lot of the same flavors and it just as colorful as the cocktail version.

As seen in the above video, this colorful mocktail is about the layers. Just like a beautiful sunrise, you want to see the difference in color. From dark to light, the visual is quite pretty. More importantly, all the flavors blend together seamlessly.

In the end, these colorful mocktails could bring the party to any summer celebration. From that pretty picture to the vibrant flavor, these beverages could be the must have summer drink.

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What is your summer cocktail? Do you prefer a mocktail on a hot day?