Russell Stover S’mores are easiest way to enjoy summer’s best treat

New Russell Stovers S'mores, photo provided by Russell Stovers
New Russell Stovers S'mores, photo provided by Russell Stovers /

Skip the campfire. Russell Stover S’mores are summer’s best treat.

As summer begins, everyone starts thinking about s’mores, summer’s best treat. Russell Stover S’mores are coming back to store shelves to the delight of candy fans everywhere. Now, that perfect marshmallow, graham cracker, chocolate dessert can be enjoyed anywhere, everywhere and anytime. Craving one yet?

After a long summer day, who hasn’t enjoyed s’mores around the campfire. While people may disagree about the doneness of a marshmallow (toasted, blackened or barely warmed), the combination of flavors is a classic treat.

Over the years, the classic s’mores has seen various upgrades. From the Stuffed Puff marshmallows to the various chocolates to even some adult flambe versions, everyone is looking for a new way to enjoy the treat.

The biggest downside to this classic treat is the need for fire (or heat). Sure, you can make s’mores in the microwave, but that still means that you are tied to the kitchen. Luckily, Russell Stover has a easy, convenient way to satisfy that s’mores craving.

The Russell Stover S’mores are back on store shelves. To enjoy this summer’s best treat, simply wrap the candy from the packaging. No mess, no fuss, just tasty candy goodness.

The Russell Stover candy is available in three flavors, Classic Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Caramel. Just individually wrapped candy is just 99 cents.

Thinking about the three flavors, the caramel variety is a must try. Truthfully, this flavor combination could be quite difficult to accomplish over a campfire. Would you like hot caramel running down your fingertips?

Still, the flavor combination is quite tasty. The richness from the chocolate and the sweetness from the marshmallow gets a boost from the caramel. It is the ultimate gooey, decadent bite that is impossible to resist.

The Russell Stover S’mores are available at various retailer now. If you are craving a s’mores, this candy option is waiting for you. No campfire is necessary.

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What do you think of this version of s’mores? Will you be buying a few to try?