National Iced Tea Day – Celebrate The Southern Way!

(Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images for Pure Leaf Iced Tea)
(Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images for Pure Leaf Iced Tea) /

Excited to celebrate National Iced Tea Day? Why not sip it the Southern way!

We Southerners grew up knowing that iced tea was meant for sipping while sitting in a rocking chair on the porch. It is also meant to be sweet. The sugar is to be added when the tea is hot, before it is iced. If the sugar is added after the tea is iced then it is just iced tea with sugar, not sweetened iced tea. We learned this at our grandma’s knee but as we grew up we learned there are many more ways to enjoy iced tea and there is a food holiday to celebrate it – June 10, 2020, National Iced Tea Day!

Do you remember making “Sun Tea” when you were a child? Simply steep tea bags in a glass container and presto, you’ve got Sun Tea. Add honey or agave and lemon or a few sprigs of mint.

How does a ice cold glass of Peach Hibiscus Herbal Iced Tea or Raspberry Chamomile Ice Tea sound on this sweltering hot day? Pure Leaf Tea offers a wide variety of iced teas in our favorite fruity flavors. Their website offers lots of fun fruity recipes too – Strawberry Peach Iced Tea Punch, Ginger Iced Green Tea Lemonade and more!

If you are craving sweet tea but can’t have the extra sugar, try diet Gold Peak Tea. With zero calories, zero carbohydrates and very little sodium this will soon become your favorite summer thirst quencher.

Love lemonade? Try an Arnold Palmer – half iced tea, half lemonade. You can make it yourself or buy bottled Arizona Arnold Palmer.

Torani® is a flavoring syrup that makes fabulous iced tea. On their website they have recipes for Peach Sweet Tea, Iced Peach Tea Lemonade, Bee In Paradise Tea (passion fruit and mango), Blue Raspberry Iced Tea, Cherry Iced Tea and lots more!

Iced Tea Cocktails! Now that summer is here, it is the perfect time to put a little spirit in your iced tea. One of my favorite tea cocktails is from our friend Betty Crocker: Lemon Tea Slush.  Combines the flavor of tea and lemonade with a vodka kick! Very refreshing to sip on the patio or serve your guests at the lake. The recipe makes 12 servings so it’s perfect for a crowd.

Pure Leaf is encouraging tea drinkers to embrace the no. light. Related Story

What is your favorite way to drink iced tea on National Iced Tea Day…sweetened, unsweetened, lemon, mint or perhaps a little splash of spirits?