What makes this drink the most refreshing summer beverage?

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The most refreshing summer beverage always satisfies.

On a sunny, hot day, the most refreshing summer beverage is a must have. For many people, lemonade is the preferred summer beverage. Whether freshly squeezed or a favorite brand, that bright, crisp, thirst quencher is summertime perfection. Ready to pour a glass?

When summer hits, many people prefer certain drinks. Unlike winter months were people want warm, comforting flavors, summer is all about bright, light and refreshing flavors. Often the preferred beverages seem to provide a respite from the sunny days and hot temperatures.

Thinking back to summers past, who doesn’t remember setting up a lemonade stand as a child. Whether sold for a quarter or just an exercise that mom used to get kids out of the house, that glass of lemonade started many people’s association of lemonade and summer.

As people get older, that lemonade is more than just a fun sip. Lemonade has a lot of benefits beyond just that tasty flavor.

Why drink lemonade in the summer?

Lemonade is packed with vitamin C. Everyone can benefit from some extra vitamin C in their daily diet. Plus, that lemonade can help bring a little energy to boost to the body and immune system.

Additionally, sipping lemonade can help make you feel cooler in summer. The acid in the lemonade makes feel hydrated because it increases salivation.

While many people happily make freshly squeezed lemonade at home, a few brands have tasty options that should always be in the refrigerator.

For example, IZZE added Sparkling Lemonade and Sparkling Blackberry Lemonade which brings some sparkle to the traditional summer beverage. With no added sugar these lemonade beverages are perfect for any summer gathering.

The classic lemonade flavor is tart yet instantly refreshing. With just a touch of sweet, the classic lemonade is perfect with a hamburger, slab of ribs or just on its own.

For the Sparkling Lemonade Blackberry, the vibrant color instantly entices people. The touch of sweetness in this beverage is quite tasty. Plus, it can pair well with some fresh fruit, spicy tacos or even a grilled chicken.

While it is always best to stay hydrated during the summer, a spiked lemonade can make any day a celebration. The Crook & Marker Spiked Lemonade is a must have.

Available in four flavors, these canned cocktails are quite tasty. While the classic lemonade flavor is delicious, the watermelon lemonade combination is summer perfection.

Here’s a tip, freeze some fresh watermelon cubes to use as ice cubes. Added these cubes to a glass and pour the Crook & Marker Spiked Watermelon Lemonade over the watermelon. Everyone will be thrilled with this beverage at your next summer happy hour.

This summer add a lemonade, the most refreshing summer beverage, to any gathering. While water is always important to stay hydrated, the lemonade is the refreshing sip that is always in fashion.

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