Is the drive-in theater finally making its triumphant summer comeback?

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As traditional movie theaters sit dark, the drive-in theater is summer blockbuster.

Sometimes a moment of nostalgia deserves to be re-visited. This summer, the drive-in theater is having its moment. Although everyone has binged plenty of shows from the comfort of their own couch, people want to get out of the house, but in a safe manner. In some way, the drive-in is that perfect solution.

Looking back at history, the concept of a drive-in movie theater goes back to 1933. In the 1950s, the concept really became popular. Who doesn’t remember those iconic film moments from Grease? Maybe you can even remember the kitschy drive-in food videos that enticed people to go buy a treat?

Even though the idea of watching a movie from the comfort of your car was a novelty, the concept lost steam. With big screens, luxury seating and all the amenities of a movie theater, no one wanted to watch a film from their car.

Given the current environment, the drive-in theater is seeing a resurgence. Whether it is people just wanting to get out of the house, a sense of nostalgia or just something fun to do, the idea of watching a show from the car sounds fun.

While there are some old-school drive-in movie theaters, other locations are looking to transform their locations into these experiences. One very notable one is Hard Rock Stadium in Florida.

In partnership with the Miami Dolphins, Hard Rock Stadium will host classic Miami Dolphin games and classic motion pictures. A complete list of events can be found on the company’s website.

All from the comfort of the car, people can watch entertaining yet socially distance experience. Additionally, Centerplate will be offering food and beverage options. Using an online ordering and payment system, all those tasty treats will be delivered directly to the car.

The idea being used at Hard Rock Stadium could happen across the country. Why can’t these empty stadiums be put to use? Just because people cannot sit side by side doesn’t mean that an alternative isn’t possible.

While Hard Rock Stadium is looking to show Dolphin games and classic movies, why couldn’t a special concert be shown on a stage? Keith Urban did a small scale version earlier this year.

Given that hospitality partners, like Centerplate, have online ordering, paying and delivery options, food and beverage can be served. As long as everyone acts appropriately, the drive-in theater could be the socially distant way to enjoy entertainment this summer.

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What do you think of the idea of stadiums being turned into a drive-in theater? Would you attend one of these events?