Family Meal Deals: Feeding a big group or ensuring extra leftovers?

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As more restaurants offer family meal deals, are you taking advantage of the food savings?

Have you purchased more family meal deals? From Firehouse Subs to KFC to even your favorite local restaurant, it seems that these restaurant deals are everywhere. While these special offers can feed a whole family, is there something more to the food offer?

As the restaurant industry learns to adapt and pivot to the new parameters, many restaurants are negotiating the new waters. From streamlining menus to even becoming grocery stores, there are many ways that the companies are looking to continue to offer value to their customers.

Since many customers are looking for the best food values, family meal deals have become extremely popular. For example, Firehouse Subs offers a sub deal with three medium subs, three bags of chips and three cookies for $24. Guests can choose from or mix and match the Hook & Ladder, Italian or Firehouse Meatball subs in this offer.

While this meal deal is a great value, it might not be limited to just a big family. Many people are turning to these restaurant deals as a multi-meal offer. Why couldn’t one person order this special? It is like getting three meals for a great price.

Some other restaurant meal deals catering to that idea of buy one, get one for later concept. Olive Garden and KFC have both offer these types of deals.

As restaurants continue to compete for guests’ orders, these type of meal deals will only continue to expand. Whether it is the local barbecue restaurant offering a July 4th special or the ultimate Taco Tuesday meal from your favorite Mexican restaurant, those meal deals can help keep a restaurant going. While the meal might be a good value for the consumer, it is also keeping the restaurant relevant in trying times.

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Are you buying more family meal deals? Are those meals for dinner or for the leftovers?