Celebrate National Iced Tea Day with a cup of conversation

The TeaBook Teas, photo provided by TeaBook Teas
The TeaBook Teas, photo provided by TeaBook Teas /

With The TeaBook teas, National Iced Tea Day is more than just another pot of tea.

Will you be celebrating National Iced Tea Day? From Southern Iced Tea to herbal iced tea to even a cold brewed iced tea, the beverage options to sip on June 10 are many. This year, why not try a different tea, one that could spark a cup of conversation.

While some people pick a bottle of wine based on the label, tea seems to be the more refined beverage. Although some people might think of the English and the afternoon tea ritual, tea can have a little humor served in that pot. The TeaBook Teas are putting that fun back in the tea bag.

Unlike the traditional tea bag, The TeaBook Teas are fun, artistic, collectible teas that some people are drawn to for the names as much as the flavors. Of course, each tea is organic and kosher. But, the packaging, names, quirky facts and quotes make this tea quite entertaining.

Although Sheldon Cooper often serves a cup of tea to a friend in distress, tea can be soothing, flavorful and quite enjoyable. Looking at the concept behind The TeaBook Teas, the enjoyability factor is high. From the creative names to the artistic packaging, it turns tea into an experience.

According to Founder Noah Bleich says, “Our tea is healthy, organic, and brings people comfort in these tough times. They truly bring joy to those that see it and taste it.”

National Iced Tea Day, TeaBook Teas
The TeaBook Teas, photo provided by TeaBook Teas /

Still, many people will be drawn to the names and packaging. Even as tensions are at a tipping point, sometimes a moment of pause can be helpful. Of course, a cup of tea will not save the world, but it can be a moment to listen, think and re-center.

Looking through the brand’s many teas, there are various options that can speak for the occasion. From Mean of IngenuiTEA, featuring Barack Obama Berry Berry Tea, Mark Twainquility and Shakespearmint to EqualiTEA, featuring Dr. Martean Luther King Jr. and Arminta Ross aka Harriet Tubman, these teas feature a quote on each package. For example, “Tea is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” Is on the MarTEAn Luther King Jr.”

While the brand offers a book to collect all these various teas, the various types and packages could be well served as a way to bridge a gap, spark a conversation or just discover the love of tea. Sure, Sheldon Cooper might have to have the ScienTEAists package because of the Nikola TEAsla, but you might want the Fred Tea Mercury in Bohemian Raspberry flavor because of its bold flavors and colors. With this brand of tea, your tea ritual is definitely not like your grandma.

The TeaBook Tea can be purchased online and in various stores. Prices and packages vary. Some teas do share proceeds with charity.

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Isn’t it time that your tea sparks a conversation? National Iced Tea Day might never be the same.