Skippy gives a plant-based protein boost to those peanut butter cravings

Skippy Added Protein Peanut Butter, photo provided by Skippy
Skippy Added Protein Peanut Butter, photo provided by Skippy /

Skippy wants to boost and satisfy your peanut butter protein cravings.

For many people, Skippy is a pantry staple. Whether it is a simple peanut butter sandwich, ants on a log, baked treats or even adding some to that tasty smoothie, peanut butter goes with everything and is part of a healthy eating lifestyle. With these three Skippy peanut butter offerings, there are even more reasons to eat peanut butter.

Families often choose peanut butter not just because of the flavor, but also for the protein. The new Skippy Peanut Butter with Plant-Based Protein offers an additional protein boost. With a total of 10 grams of plant-based protein, that peanut butter sandwich will leave you even more satisfied.

Also, this protein boosted peanut butter is available in both creamy and chunky varieties. Since many people stand firm on the best version of peanut butter (creamy or chunky), everyone can have their preferred variety.

While many people will appreciate the protein boosted peanut butter, another option is equally interesting. Since many people are focused on healthy eating and reduce sugar, the new no sugar added peanut butter has just three ingredients, peanuts, palm oil and salt.

New Skippy, no added sugar, photo provided by Skippy /

Again, the no sugar added peanut butter is available in both creamy and chunky varieties. With the simplicity of this peanut butter option, it could have a large appeal for many families. Sometimes, the purity of ingredients ensures the best flavor.

Lastly, the peanut butter brand added another packaging option for its peanut butter. Skippy Squeeze offers the portability that many peanut butter fans want. Available in a 6-ounce squeeze pouch, peanut butter can be enjoyed whenever and wherever.

For peanut butter fans, the ability to squeeze and go is important. Besides the peanut butter knuckles scenario, the packaging helps with school lunches, on the go snack and recipe ease. Even though it is a smaller pouch, it can be a great pantry option.

New Skippy Pouch, photo provided by Skippy /

The Skippy Squeeze is available in both Creamy Peanut Butter and Natural Creamy Peanut Butter. This new peanut butter offering will be available in late June.

While the Peanut Butter Blended with Plant-Based Protein is available at select retailers, the no sugar added peanut butter will be able in late June. All varieties will be available online as well.

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What do you think of the new peanut butter offerings? Do you think that even more food innovation is in the future?