Smart cars make intelligent choice to stop for Burger King

Ready for Burger King autopilot, photo provided by Burger King
Ready for Burger King autopilot, photo provided by Burger King /

Is a smart car telling you that a Burger King stop must happen?

Does a Burger King sign make you stop? For some smart cars, that iconic BK sign is alerting drivers of a tasty burger served your way is a reason to stop, literally. Is this technology discovery genius or something else? Just maybe the Home of the Whopper really deserves a special stop.

While many people had hoped that self-driving cars would revolutionize transportation, those cars are only as smart as the programmers. Sure, there are always glitches along the way, but no one ever saw this little twist coming.

It seems that some cars in auto pilot will slow down when they see a Burger King sign ahead. Somehow that BK sign makes the act think that it is a stop sign.

Now, a Whopper made your way is always a good reason to stop. Or, maybe that all nighter has you craving that Impossible Croissan’wich. Could that smart car really know something? Should people make a point of stopping at BK?

Check out this video.

Now, the video is pretty interesting. It doesn’t seem to be a Tik Tok prank or other craziness. The car just wants to go to BK.

Given the situation, Burger King is giving away free Whopper sandwiches. On June 23, guests who share a picture of their smart car outside a BK restaurant with the tags #autopilotwhopper and #freewhopper will receive a free Whopper.

The free Whopper offer is available on June 23 or while supplies last. The coupon will be sent via the BK app.

Now, if you don’t own a smart car, you might not be able to get this free food offer. Or, if you have a friend with a smart car, you could put this theory to test. You could even offer to buy him lunch (on BK of course).

Given the technology glitch, it is a fun BK promo. Maybe, BK could play off the stop sign comparison for other promotions.

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