Burger King and TikTok ask you to dance for your Whopper

BK Tik Tok offer, photo provided by Burger King
BK Tik Tok offer, photo provided by Burger King /

Burger King and TikTok think that it is time to dance order a Whopper.

While Burger King is always about having it your way, it might be time to order that Whopper in a new way. In a partnership with TikTok, BK is giving guests a new way to order that Whopper.  Ready to dance for it?

Many people are turning to TikTok for a variety of reasons. From the food hacks to the cooking classes to fun dances to just diversion, that social media platform seems to be on everyone’s phones. Since the platform has taken over, it makes sense that brands are looking to connect on the current trend.

For this BK and TikTok partnership, some influencers, Loren Gray, Avani, and Nathan Davis, Jr., will share Whopper Dance tutorials on their channels. These moves will represent certain Whopper combinations. Through those dance moves, everyone can dance for their Whopper order.

Now, you won’t be going through the drive-thru or stand at the counter and dance for the iconic burger. The local BK may not have the new ordering system in place. The order is an online promotion.

To dance for your Whopper, follow BK on TikTok and share their dance order. From a stylish outfit to special music, make that Whopper Dance your own.

Burger King, Whopper
BK Tik Tok offer, photo provided by Burger King /

Anyone who participates in this #WhopperDance, will receive an offer for a $1 Whopper. The offer will come via direct message. That unique code can be redeemed via the BK App. Submissions will be accepted through June 21, 2020. The Whopper Dance order coupon is valid on June 28, 2020.

As social media is such an integral part of people’s lives, these types of fun promotions will continue. Sometimes a little fun can make every day seem a little more special. Even though people will be dancing on video, it could be an inspiration to do something a little different in their daily life. Why can’t you dance for your dinner at home? It could add a little fun to that family meal.

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What do you think of this new Burger King promotion? Will you be dancing for a Whopper?