TikTok Food Trends: Dalgona Coffee and Pancake Cereal

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Have you been following all the TikTok food trends? From Pancake Cereal to Dalgona Coffee, TikTok might give foodies some tasty inspiration.

Pancake Cereal and Dalgona Coffee…TikTok has become surprisingly charged with participation in food trends lately.  Could isolation and self-quarantining be behind why so many TikTok savvy individuals are trying their hand at food recipes and food trends? Or is it something else…Is 2020 the year for TikTok food trends?

Korean actor Jung Il-Woo has been credited with the popularity behind Dalgona coffee on the internet. It all started when he went to Macau as part of a Mukbang based TV show called Convenience Store Restaurant and the flavor of the coffee beverage he was served reminded him of a Korean cookie called Dalgona, hence the name Dalgona coffee.

It wasn’t until Jung Il-Woo went home and videotaped himself making the fluffy, sweet concoction in his kitchen that it really picked up popularity!

But recently, Dalgona coffee (which tastes just as great spiked) has been pushed out of the spotlight by another TikTok food trend. One that’s proven to be much easier to make your own and customize it to your own preference. I present to you the TikTok food trend, Pancake Cereal!

It’s super easy to make, you follow a basic recipe to make pancakes, but you just make them smaller. Some people customize the batter with real cereal like fruity pebbles, fresh or dried fruit, and even chocolate chips or sprinkles.

There are clips of people filling pipping bags with batter, rinsed out soda bottles, and sauce dispensers to make the pancakes smaller than ‘silver dollar hotcakes.’ You cook them just as you would any other pancake, flipping them once and you can coat them in melted butter to make them nice and golden brown before taking them off the heat.

The customization doesn’t just end with what you put inside the batter, there’s one last thing you can do to customize them once they’re in your cereal bowl. Do you submerge them in ice-cold milk (chocolate or sweetened condensed milk wouldn’t be a bad idea…) or do you coat them in sweet, sticky maple syrup? Why not both?

Basic psychological needs may be behind the surge of the recent TikTok food trends. As we are faced with uncertain times and social isolation, we are all stressed and what better to turn to then food and stress eating.

For many individuals, cooking can be an escape from reality allowing us to focus only on creating what’s in front of us, like a form of therapy. There could also be the desire to break out of our normal routines, especially if we’ve been isolating ourselves and eating the same type of breakfast every day.

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Do you find yourself following the latest trends on TikTok? Have you tried to make Dalgona coffee or Pancake cereal? What’s your favorite TikTok food trend? Tell us below!