Eggplant Balado recipe: Gordon Ramsay Uncharted offers taste of this flavorful dish

West Sumatra, Indonesia - Sambal with eggplant. (National Geographic/Justin Mandel)
West Sumatra, Indonesia - Sambal with eggplant. (National Geographic/Justin Mandel) /

Are you ready to try an Eggplant Balado recipe? Gordon Ramsay Uncharted delivers.

In the Gordon Ramsay Unchartered Sumatra episode, the fiery chef takes on an equally spicy dish, Eggplant Balado recipe. While this recipe might not be as well-known as eggplant Parmesan, it could become your new favorite vegetable forward recipe. Ready to taste the bold flavor?

While this recipe uses eggplant, balado is a type of spicy mixture. It can be used in a variety of different recipes. Although there are similarities to the sambal dipping sauce, this type of dish usually adds another ingredient. From fried prawns to chicken to eggplant, there are many ways for this spicy mixture to be used in a recipe.

In the Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Sumatra episode, Gordon explores the various spices, ingredients and methods of cooking. While the Beef Randang recipe is the star of this episode, the Eggplant Balado recipe is a wonderful option for many home cooks to explore.

Here’s the Eggplant Balado recipe from the Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Sumatra episode.

Eggplant Balado recipe
Gordon Ramsay Indonesia Recipe, photo provided by Nat Geo Channel /

Similar to the Beef Randang recipe, the Eggplant Balado recipe uses galangal. While this ingredient might not be common, an ingredient swap can be ginger root with a little lemon juice.

All the other ingredients can be found in most grocery stores. In a way, this recipe is one of the more simple recipes from the Gordon Ramsay series. It goes to show that sometimes the perfect combination of ingredients can make a flavorful, intriguing recipe.

For the home cook who is looking for a little culinary adventure, this recipe could be a great way to explore some new flavors in the kitchen. The spicy levels are not too extreme and the dish can be served with a variety of other foods. Why not pair it with a simple steak or a roasted chicken. The whole table doesn’t have to be filled with spicy foods.

If you are looking to explore some culinary adventure, consider the Eggplant Balado recipe. The flavors might surprise you.

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What flavors and recipes do you want to explore? Have you tried any of the Gordon Ramsay Uncharted recipes this season?