Go-Gurt Dairy Free gives families more snacking options

New GoGurt Dairy Free, photo provided by GoGurt
New GoGurt Dairy Free, photo provided by GoGurt /

No dairy, no problem because Go-Gurt Dairy Free give families more options.

Go-Gurt Dairy Free brings that on-the-go yogurt option to more families. Whether it is personal choice or a preferred healthy eating option, dairy free food is on the rise. By adding this Go-Gurt and other new yogurt options, Yoplait shows that it is willing to innovative to keep connecting with consumers.

The new Go-Gurt Dairy Free is made with coconut cream. The vegan compliant, gluten and soy free yogurt is available in strawberry flavor.

Given that strawberry is considered one of the most popular flavors, it is a smart choice to launch with this flavor option. Some people might be willing to try this strawberry flavor because they like strawberry. It could be a good way to introduce more consumers to dairy free food.

While the dairy free option is exciting for many healthy eating groups, it isn’t the only new flavor in the Go-Gurt line. The Go-Gurt Slushie brings a little fizzy fun to snack time.

Recently, food and beverages that have a little fizz, sparkling and pop are filling store shelves. While the flavors do not stray too far from the norm, the pop of color and the burst of flavor make food fun. Who doesn’t want a little fun at the table?

The Go-Gurt Slushie is available in two flavors, Blue Raspberry and Cherry. In a way, parents are excited for this new flavor because it might make kids grab a yogurt over another option. Could this yogurt be a dessert swap?

Go-Gurt Slushie
Go-Gurt Slushie, photo provided by GoGurt /

Lastly, Yoplait has partnered with Gushers to bring a taste of the 90s to the yogurt aisle. Available in three flavors, Red Tropical Punch, Blue Raspberry and Green Apple, the original style Yoplait yogurt is blended with “bursting bubble beads.” The idea is that one bite will have a little flavor burst.

In a way, this idea of bursting bubble beads is quite interesting. While not necessarily the same as boba, the increase popularity of that ingredient in drinks could see its expansion into other foods. Why can’t a yogurt or pudding have these little bursting flavor components?

From the Go-Gurt Dairy Free to other Yoplait offerings, the yogurt aisle is filled with new treats. Which one will you try first?

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What is your favorite yogurt? Do you eat yogurt as a meal, snack or even a dessert?