Dole Whip Nachos are the ultimate summer Disney dessert

Photo: Dole Whip Float / Magic Kingdom Aloha Isle.. Image Courtesy Disney Enterprises
Photo: Dole Whip Float / Magic Kingdom Aloha Isle.. Image Courtesy Disney Enterprises /

Dole Whip Nachos are the best summer Disney dessert.

What can make a Dole Whip better? Dole Whip Nachos are the ultimate summer Disney dessert and you will not share a single bite.

Some Disney desserts just make your mouth water. While everyone happily sings about the Grey Stuff or brushes off tons of powdered sugar from those Mickey Beignets, new Disney dessert options make everyone excited.

Although many people have been making Disney Magic Moments at home, Disney Springs is slowly reopening for guests. With safety precautions in place, more people are ready to indulge in those tasty Disney treats.

According to an Attractions Magazine picture, the Dole Whip Nachos will be back at Disney Springs. As seen in this sign, the dessert nachos seem like quite a mouthful.

While this Disney dessert will be available at Disney Springs, it could be a treat to make at home for your summer gathering. Although a few items in this Disney version might be difficult to make at home, the majority of the dessert is quite easy.

First, remember, Disney revealed a frozen pineapple treat dessert as part of Disney Magic Moments. With a good blender and all the ingredients, this dessert is halfway ready.

In the Disney Springs nachos dessert, it used waffle cone pieces. Anyone can break a waffle bowl into pieces to make their own nachos. Another easy step to make this dessert.

Then, chop some pieces of fresh pineapple. The strawberry sauce and other toppings are to taste. Sometimes customizing a dessert is the best part.

Can you make Dole Whip Nachos at home?

The only aspect to this Disney dessert that might be hard to make at home is the mango boba pearls. In some places, you can buy pre-made boba. Also, you can make your own mango boba pearls. It is a little bit of a science experiment, but it is doable.

If you do not want to do all that work, you could try some mango pieces. Even some freeze dried mango could offer a different texture. And if you do not like mango, just omit it completely.

In many ways, the Dole Whip Nachos dessert can serve as dessert inspiration for a variety of ideas. Why not make dessert nachos with your favorite ice cream. Simply replace the Dole Whip with ice cream or other frozen treat.

Also, for a more indulgent dessert nacho, a Stroopwafel could replace the waffle cone. While it might not have the same crunchy texture, the added caramel flavor would make for a very decadent dessert.

Dole Whip Nachos could be the ultimate summer Disney dessert. Whether you enjoy an order at Disney Springs or try to make a version at home, dessert nachos should be on your summer menu.

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What is your favorite Disney dessert? Have you tried making a Dole Whip at home?