Blue Bunny offers a new path to Funlightenment this summer

Blue Bunny Personal Pool brungs Funlightenment, photo provided by Blue Bunny
Blue Bunny Personal Pool brungs Funlightenment, photo provided by Blue Bunny /

Kick off Ice Cream Month with Blue Bunny and its path to Funlightenment.

Are you tired of sitting on the couch? Blue Bunny understands that this summer and Funlightenment might look a little different. Instead of that epic vacation getaway, rooftop party or even day at the beach, many people are learning to embrace their own little piece of zen. Are you ready to dip your toe into your own personal pool of Funlightenment?

To kick off National Ice Cream Month, Blue Bunny is giving ice cream fans a chance to find a little personal escape. The Blue Bunny Personal Pool can turn even the tiniest spot into a little moment of fun. Even if you use that pool in the middle of your living room, it is the escape from the most unpredictable summer on record.

Since the Blue Bunny Personal Pool has a Load’d Sundae holder and its decorated with the new Load’d Cone, it could entice you to enjoy one of those ice cream treats while dipping your toes in that tiny pool of summer entertainment. If you play a little ice cream truck jingle in the background, you could feel like one of those summers growing up.

If you haven’t had one yet, the new Load’d Cone offers an upgrade on the traditional ice cream cone. These cones have twice the mix-ins in this frozen treat. With five flavors in the line, it can be hard to decide which one to eat first.

The five flavors are Bunny Tracks, Brownie Bomb, Strawberry Shortcake, Cookie Dough and S’mores. Since it is summer, S’mores are an obvious top choice. Given that everyone loves s’mores during the summer, this cone offers the best of both treats, ice cream and s’mores, in a single bite.

No matter which flavor you choose to try, each Load’d Cone flavor brings a bite of fun to any summer day. Sometimes, life’s little pleasures are the ones that need to be celebrated.

A box of Load’d Cones retails for approximately $5.99 and contains four cones per box.

If you prefer to enjoy your ice cream with a spoon, the Load’d Sundae is soft, frozen treat that is packed with toppings. With 16 different flavors in the line, there is an option that will satisfy any ice cream craving.

For this summer, the Load’d Sundae is offering four new flavors, Turtle Cheesecake, French Silk Pie, Chocolate Caramel Pretzel and S’mores. The Chocolate Caramel Pretzel is a must try. The combination of sweet, salty and a touch of crunch will make this flavor a huge hit.

The Load’d Sundae is available at various retailers. The 8.5 oz, single serving cups retail for approximately $2.99 a cup.

If you are ready for some summer Funlightenment, stock the freezer with Blue Bunny, dip your toes in the Blue Bunny Personal Pool (enter to win at and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the waves from your calm app. After a few spoonfuls of ice cream, you can reach your own version of Funlightenment.

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How are you making this summer fun? Is summer just sweeter with some ice cream?