Tastykake summer seasonal flavors are sunshine on a plate

Seasonal TastyKake Donuts, photo provided by Cristine Struble
Seasonal TastyKake Donuts, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

Move over frozen treats because Tastykake summer seasonal flavors are here.

Sunshine filled days and warmer weather are the perfect backdrop to the Tastykake summer seasonal flavors. While the classic Tastykake Crumpets are always in season, special limited-edition seasonal flavors often capture the cravings of the moment. Since summer is often a time to celebrate, these seasonal offerings are like sunshine on a plate.

Periodically, Tastykake offers a different flavor spin on its classic mini donuts. While classic powdered sugar is always tasty with a cup of coffee, a little twist on the traditional can be quite delicious.

For the summer, Tastykake is offering two mini donuts offerings, orange mini donuts and birthday kake mini donuts. The orange flavored mini donuts are covered in powdered sugar. The cake has a bright, citrus flavor. With the powdered sugar, it is almost similar to an orange dreamsicle, just without the melting issue.

These orange mini donuts can make a great dessert option. Yes, donuts can be a dessert. If you haven’t thought of putting some crumbled donuts on top of vanilla ice cream, you should. It is a flavor experience that will surprise you.

The other limited edition flavor is a little party in a bite. The birthday kake flavor is full of flavorful sprinkles. From the bold colors to the sweet flavor, it can turn an ordinary day into a reason to celebrate. Also, these mini donuts are great over vanilla ice cream, too.

While mini donuts are ready for summer, the classic sweet rolls are getting a flavor twist, too. For the summer, the sweet rolls are available in orange flavor. The brightness from the orange flavor keeps these breakfast treats from becoming too sweet. It tends to strike the perfect balance.

Since a hot beverage might not be the first choice on a warm morning, why not pair these sweet rolls with a morning smoothie. A tropical smoothie can highlight the citrus flavors and is refreshing on a hot day.

The Tastykake summer seasonal flavors are available in various stores. Check with your local retailer for availability and pricing.

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What is your favorite Tastykake treat? Are seasonal flavors your excuse to indulge in a sweet treat?