Dunkin’ asks you to support the Donut Party and you should

Dunkin' celebrates National Donut Day, photo provided by Dunkin'
Dunkin' celebrates National Donut Day, photo provided by Dunkin' /

Will Dunkin’ get your vote for the Donut Party?

Everyone has a favorite donut and Dunkin’ believes that that voice needs to be heard. The Donut Party is ready to present its official donut platform. After listening to all the donut candidates, which donut flavor will get your important food vote?

As National Donut Day approaches, donuts are on everyone’s mind. Even though there is a long history associated with the food holiday, most people are focused on eating donuts. Whether you enjoy one special donut with a cup of coffee or buy a dozen to share with the family, June 5, National Donut Day, will be filled with donuts.

Even though special limited-edition flavors and seasonal treats are fun menu additions, a handful of classic donuts are always tasty. From traditional to colorful, it seems that the classics are always in fashion.

For this year’s National Donut Day celebration, Dunkin’ is rolling out the Donut Party. Although political campaigns can be divisive, this donut campaign is a cause that everyone can get behind.

The new ads introduce everyone to the “canDOUGHdates.” Various donuts, like Glazed, Jelly and even Boston Kreme will try to earn your donut vote. Even though every donut has a strong platform, only one can earn your vote. A special commercial featuring the “canDOUGHdates” will air during America’s Got Talent.


Of course, Dunkin’ is having a special celebration for National Donut Day. With the purchase of a beverage, guests will get a free classic donut. Additionally, Grubhub is offering a “free half-dozen donuts on Dunkin’ orders of $10 or more on June 6 and June 7.”

Whether you are undecided, a Boston Kreme supporter or hoping that Old Fashioned can earn your vote, make sure that you celebrate National Donut Day. Sometimes a food holiday is just too sweet to overlook.

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What is your favorite donut? Do you always choose the same donut flavor?