Grubhub’s most ordered food of the year proves this food trend isn’t a fad


Did you order Grubhub’s most ordered food? As the year comes to a close, this food trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down or has it become mainstream?

Can you guess Grubhub’s most ordered food in 2019? If you guess that the food choice involved a plant-based menu item, you would be right. It seems that consumers want to be a little healthier, but still can’t resist their favorite foods. Have you guessed the order yet?

The most ordered food of 2019 is cauliflower pizza. Yes, that vegetable forward pizza crust took over the top spot. Given the increase popularity of vegan and vegetarian forward dishes, this type of pizza gives consumers options. Why deprive yourself of having a slice, when you have options.

Overall, vegan and vegetarian friendly dishes took over the majority the top menu items on the list. In some ways, these types of menu items offer a lot of creativity in addition to the healthier eating option.

While cauliflower pizza isn’t necessarily the lowest calorie menu item, other vegan and vegetarian food choices are packed with benefits. Options like celery juice and oat milk are becoming as common has that pumpkin spice latte.

Even though many people want to embrace healthier food choices, there are some special foods that are just too hard to resist. Choices like the Cheeto Sandwich (thanks to Stranger Things) and the BEC, (bacon, egg and cheese) biscuit will satisfy even the heartiest appetite.

Of course, a sweet treat is always a perfect end to any meal. This year, the most popular dessert is butter cake. While chocolate desserts will always be popular, this nostalgic butter cake fits into other food trends. Still, the second most popular, the chocolate cake shake is the best combination of all the top desserts.

These items are just a few of the many findings from the Grubhub’s end of the year list. But, like many food trends, these items will change again. Maybe next year, meat will make a triumphant return.

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What do you think of Grubhub’s most ordered food? How many cauliflower pizzas did you order?