Goldfish Colors Limited Edition Color on Me brings creativity to snack time

There are smiles all around with Goldfish Colors Limited Edition Color on me packs.

Summer fun looks a little different this year but Goldfish Colors Limited Edition Color on Me snack packs bring some creativity to snack time. As everyone looks for new, creative ways to bring a little diversion to the day, these Goldfish Crackers in collaboration with Crayola make for a colorful, creative snacking experience.

Do you remember getting a brand new box of Crayola crayons and a coloring sheet as a kid? There was a moment of anticipation, freedom and wonder. Maybe that fish needed to be a bright purple or maybe your trees would be pink this time. Whatever you saw in your imagination became that colorful creation on the paper.

The Goldfish Colors Limited Edition Color on Me brings that imaginative aspect to snack time. The multi-pack Goldfish offers interactive packaging. Basically, the packages are a blank slate for the snackers imagination. Whether you use a Crayola crayon or marker, that package can be the most vibrant creation of your mind.

The multi-pack box features 20, 0.9 oz single serve packages. For any parent who is looking to find some easy, simple entertainment ideas, these packages are a good diversion. Given that kids are always hungry over the summer, it is always a good idea to have extra snacks in the pantry.

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Plus, the Goldfish Colors are baked with real cheese. With no artificial flavors or preservatives and colors soured from plants, parents feel good about serving them at snack time. Kids always enjoy the snack that smiles back and they enjoy the taste. It is a win win for everyone.

If you are ready to bring a little colorful imagination to snack time, grab a box of the Goldfish Colors Limited Edition Color on Me snacks bags. You can even color outside the lines, too.


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What is your favorite childhood snack? Do you like a little play during your snack time?

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