Laffy Taffy Laff Bites bring candy innovation to snack time

New Laffy Taffy Bites, photo provided by Laffy Taffy
New Laffy Taffy Bites, photo provided by Laffy Taffy /

No joking, the new Laffy Taffy Laff Bites are here to make you smile.

Sometimes, just a bite can bring a big smile. The Laffy Taffy Laff Bites are the newest candy innovation from the iconic Laffy Taffy. While many people love hearing those silly jokes with each piece of candy, this new offering has another reason for people to smile. No wrapper required.

Candy companies are always looking for ways to innovate. While flavors are often the common innovation, other ideas can change how a candy is enjoyed. In a way, the packaging can change the candy experience.

The new Laffy Taffy Laff Bites are Laffy Taffy’s first-ever unwrapped candy. These smaller, bite-sized candies make eating this candy poppable fun. No extra wrappers to get in the way.

While the jokes on the Laffy Taffy wrappers are always a reason to smile, sometimes wrappers are inconvenient. What parent hasn’t had a moment when she finds that the kids forgot to throw away their candy wrappers. More importantly, what parent doesn’t want to get caught taking that extra piece of candy because of a forgotten candy wrapper.

With the new Laffy Taffy candy, the only concern is leaving an empty bag on the shelf. These bite sized treats are perfect eating one at a time or by the handful.

In a bag, there are four flavors, cherry, strawberry, green apple and blue raspberry. Although many people consider banana the most popular flavor, these four options are the next most popular choices. More importantly, the four flavors go together well.

For example, this new candy lends itself to flavor combinations. Since each candy is bite-sized, you can eat more than one at a time. Why not combine cherry and green apple for a sweet and tart flavor combination?

Additionally, the new candy has a hard, candy-coated shell with a flavor drop inside. As you hit the flavor drop, it is a boost of tasty goodness. Shouldn’t candy be fun to eat?

The new Laffy Taffy Laff Bites are available now. The candy can be bought online and in stores. Prices will vary.

Whether you giggle, howl or some other type of laugh, grab a bag of this new Laffy Taffy and enjoy a happy moment with someone. That laugh could make your day a little brighter.

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What is your favorite Laffy Taffy flavor? Are you excited to try this new candy?