Laffy Taffy Trolls candy has a few jokes up their sleeve

New Trolls Laffy Taffy. Photo courtesy Laffy Taffy
New Trolls Laffy Taffy. Photo courtesy Laffy Taffy /

Have you seen the new Laffy Taffy Trolls candy? With Trolls World Tour coming out, these fruity and funny candies are the perfect pairing.

Need a Trolls joke? Laffy Taffy Trolls candy is here to bring some funny to the table. While Laffy Taffy is always known for those silly jokes on the label, these limited edition candies have been taking over by the Trolls. Which of these mini bars will you eat first?

The Laffy Taffy Trolls candies come in six new flavors. Each flavor features one of the Trolls characters. The flavors are: “Queen Poppy’s Strawberry Cream, Queen Barb’s Dark Cherry, Prince D’s Orange, Trollex’s Pineapple, Trollzart’s Coconut and Delta Dawn’s Apple Pie.”

These limited-edition flavors are different than the traditional Laffy Taffy flavors. The Trolls inspired flavors have a little twist. The Dark Cherry is a little bold and the Strawberry Cream is a little sweet.

By bringing some special flavors to this limited-edition Laffy Taffy, the candy finds a way to bring a little fun to the movie launch. Since this candy is all about the laugh, pairing the characters with a flavor is a perfect fit.

Whether all these flavors perfectly match will require extensive movie taste testing. Why not enjoy a new candy every time a character appears? After all, isn’t candy supposed to be fun?

Looking at the six new flavors, the most exciting one is probably pineapple. Pineapple is a big flavor trend right now. In some ways, eating the pineapple and coconut together could be a great flavor fusion. There are definitely a lot of flavor combination possibilities in this bag.

Of course, one of the reasons why Laffy Taffy is such an iconic candy is the jokes on the label. For this Laffy Taffy Trolls candy, there are 80 new Trolls-themed jokes on the wrappers. Since the silly jokes are as much part of Laffy Taffy and the Trolls movie, it is a perfect match.

If you need a Trolls joke and cannot wait to get some of the Laffy Taffy, the brand’s website will tell you a joke if you ask. Here’s the joke that we received.

“How did the Country TROLL get to Oz? They followed the yellow brick rodeo!”

Sure, it is a silly laugh, but don’t we all need a little laughter right now?

If you want have a laugh and enjoy some Laffy Taffy Trolls, the candy is available now. It is available in a 3.8 oz bag and a 12 oz bag. Check the brand’s website to find the candy can be purchased.

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Are you ready for some colorful laughter? Grab a bag of Laffy Taffy Trolls candy today.