Trolls World Tour OREO cookies are the must have colorful, playful treat

OREO is teaming up with one of its most playful partners yet – Trolls World Tour.. Photo provided by OREO
OREO is teaming up with one of its most playful partners yet – Trolls World Tour.. Photo provided by OREO /

It is time to be playful. Trolls World Tour OREO cookies are here and these new treats will have everyone excited to “Just Sing (Trolls World Tour).”

OREO has always encouraged fans to stay playful. The new Trolls World Tour OREO cookies will have fans of all ages looking to have fun with their favorite sandwich cookie. Are you ready to enjoy a colorful, musical world?

Recently, OREO has looked to offer some limited-edition, playful OREOs for fans. From Game of Thrones to Klaus, these special sandwich cookies keep the pop culture connection flourishing. Ahead of the highly anticipated Trolls World Tour movie, OREO has two new colorful treats that will excite fans.

Hitting store shelves now, the Two New Limited-Edition Trolls World Tour OREO Cookies celebrate Queen Poppy and Pop Troll Tiny Diamond. The colorful nature of these two different cookies will have everyone searching to find a container.

The Queen Poppy cookies “feature pink-colored creme with glitter.” While the colors are quite vibrant, the flavor is similar to a classic golden OREO. Many people will want these cookies because of the bright pink color and glitter. Colorful cookies are always a playful moment.

The Pop Troll Tiny Diamond kooks are “green colored crème with glitter and popping candy.” This cookie takes the classic OREO and give it a new playful side. If you like the previous OREO cookies with popping candies, you will want to try these new versions.

Trolls World Tour OREO cookies
OREO is teaming up with one of its most playful partners yet – Trolls World Tour.. Photo provided by OREO /

In each of the limited edition cookie packages, there are three designs, which are related to the package’s character. From “Music Is Life” to the music-related images, these sandwich cookies are all about music and fun.

To celebrate this special partnership, OREO has teamed with Trolls World Tour to exclusively release the song “Just Sing (Trolls World Tour).” The only place to hear the full-length, original track is on for a limited time. Simply grab your OREO cookie and head to the website for specific instructions. Just a heads up, you might want to have an OREO cookie ready to hear the full-length track.

As everyone knows, the first Trolls movie produced a huge hit from Justin Timberlake. This new song looks to be a huge hit as well. The new song features: Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, Kelly Clarkson, James Corden, George Clinton, Mary J. Blige, Anderson .Paak and many more. It looks to be the song of the summer.

Bringing together OREO cookies, the new Trolls movie and music continues the brand’s concept of staying playful. While cookies might seem like a “kid treat,” the simple joy of enjoying a cookie does not come with an age limit. It could be time to put all the daily stress aside for a few minutes and enjoy the simple pleasures of a tasty OREO cookie.

The Trolls World Tour OREO cookies are hitting store shelves now. They will be available for a limited time. Don’t let these colorful, playful treats disappear before you get a taste (or a picture).

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Do you have a favorite OREO cookie memory? Does eating an OREO cookie encourage your playful side?