Ready for a Mandalorian cereal breakfast adventure?

The Mandalorian Cereal available at Sam's Club, photo provided by Sam's Club
The Mandalorian Cereal available at Sam's Club, photo provided by Sam's Club /

Is your cereal bowl ready for a Star Wars Mandalorian cereal adventure?

You don’t need to travel to Galaxy’s Edge to have a taste of Star Wars this month. The Mandalorian cereal from General Mills is turning the cereal bowl into a whole new breakfast adventure. Are you ready to pick up your spoon and head to this store for a bite this month?

Star Wars fans are always looking for new ways to bring their fandom into their lives. Whether it is the Tervis tumbler for that morning cup of coffee or those Stars Wars sheets that bring sweet dreams at night, every part of a day can have a Star Wars theme.

Announced on Star Wars Day, the General Mills cereal features sweetened corn puffs with “marshmallow pieces shaped like the Child.” If this cereal sounds a little familiar, it is similar to previously released Star Wars cereals.

The difference is that the marshmallow shapes look like the Child (aka Baby Yoda). While the marshmallow pieces are colorful, it should not impact the flavor. The classic sweet marshmallow taste should come through in every bite.

For many people, they will want to grab a box of this cereal just because of Star Wars connection. Even if you just want the box, someone will want to enjoy the cereal. Yoda wouldn’t want you to waste food.

If you want to get your hands on this Mandalorian cereal, you will have to go to Sam’s Club to get the box. The cereal will be available at all Sam’s Club locations starting in late-July. This exclusive release is ahead of the cereal being available at Walmart.

The Sam’s Club offering will be a two-bag, box priced at $5.98. Check with your local warehouse to see when it hits shelves.

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Are you excited for the Mandalorian cereal? Will you be checking with your local Sam’s Club for when it will be available?