Ecco Domani gets a fashionable makeover from Brandon Maxwell

Brandon Maxwell partners with Ecco Domani, photo provided by Ecco Domani
Brandon Maxwell partners with Ecco Domani, photo provided by Ecco Domani /

Ecco Domani makes a statement thanks to Brandon Maxwell.

Even a classic wine can get a makeover. Ecco Domani, the top-imported Italian Pinot Grigio, looks a little different on the shelf. Even though the wine itself is still the impeccable, crisp white wine that people have come to appreciate, the label will make you do a double take, thanks to Brandon Maxwell.

In a fashionable collaboration, Brandon Maxwell has created a special, limited edition label for the celebrated wine brand. The label has Maxwell’s iconic leopard + “B” pattern. Whether it captures your attention in the store or makes a statement on a table, this special limited-edition wine label is a reason to buy two bottles, not just one.

While the special fashion-forward label is a great reason to buy a bottle, there is an even better reason to buy more than one bottle. Earlier this year, Ecco Domani donated $50,000 to Meals on Wheels COVID-19 Response Fund.

Currently, the Brandon Maxwell designed wine label is available at participating retailers. Additionally, the wine can be ordered via Drizly. Via Drizly, the code ECCODELIVERED offers $5 off a first Drizly purchase.

During the summer, it is a great time to enjoy a glass of Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio. On a warm day, the crisp white wine is quite refreshing.

Thinking about various pairings, it is lovely with a simple cheese plate. Also, a cold pasta salad is a great idea or even some shrimp tacos would work. Basically, it is a very versatile white wine.

Whether this Pinot Grigio is your favorite or the special limited-edition Brandon Maxwell label entices you to buy a bottle, this summer is all about Ecco Domani. Any reason is a good one to open a bottle. What are you waiting for?

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What is your favorite white wine? Do you drink more Pinot Grigio during the summer?