Bombay Sapphire gin partners with celebrated artist Hebru Brantley

Bombay Sapphire Hebru Brantley collaboration, photo provided by Bombay Sapphire
Bombay Sapphire Hebru Brantley collaboration, photo provided by Bombay Sapphire /

The Bombay Sapphire gin bottle has been transformed by artist Hebru Brantley.

This bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin has people taking notice. In a collaboration with celebrated artist Hebru Brantley, this limited-edition bottle is more than just a container for a favorite gin. This design is meant to spark a conversation.

While many gin drinkers are familiar with the iconic blue bottle that holds their favorite gin, Hebru Brantley might not be a household name to everyone. For people within the art world, Brantley is celebrated for his iconic characters and multifaceted beliefs. This collaboration brings not only Brantley’s art but an important conversation to the forefront.

For those unfamiliar, Brantley is a celebrated artist who has been influenced by the South Side of Chicago’s Afro Cobra movement. From the characters to the color palettes, these expressions question the narrative of the hero. Whether a non-traditional view or a pushing forward a needed conversation, Brantley’s artistic endeavors encourage seeing the world through a different lens.

Overall, Brantley looks to address multi-faceted ideas in his depictions. Themes of power and hope are combined with nostalgia and mental psyche. Each visual compels a people to look, think and respond.

The Bombay Sapphire collaboration with Brantley is meant to “inspire and awaken creative potential within everyone.” Benefiting the Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter, these limited-edition bottles are more than just a beautiful artistic expression, it is a way to champion voices in the creative arts.

Bombay Sapphire, Hebru Brantley
Bombay Sapphire Hebru Brantley collaboration, photo provided by Bombay Sapphire /

According to Tom Spaven, North America Brand Director for Bombay Sapphire gin, “Bombay Sapphire has always been a champion for equal representation in the arts, and it was absolutely essential to us that we make this donation to support the Black community. Art has the power to create change, but this is just a small step. We recognize that we can and will implement more long-term initiatives to champion marginalized voices in the creative arts — a mission that has never been more critical than it is now.”

Speaking to this collaboration, Brantley said, “When you create something unique like this, you want it to inspire hope for a better future and shine a light on the courage and resilience of Black people in America. It felt only right that Bombay Sapphire and I were able to do this together to benefit Black Lives Matter Chicago, to support the critical work they do in fighting for racial justice in my hometown.”

Whether Bombay Sapphire is your preferred gin, you are a new gin drinker or just want to make a purchase to support a worthy cause, this limited-edition bottle is worth adding to the home bar. The design is stunning but more importantly it can become a discussion point while enjoying a cocktail. Even if someone does not instantly recognize the artist or understand the importance of the bottle, it can be an opportunity to listen. Right now, everyone needs to take the time to listen.

The Bombay Sapphire Hebru Brantley limited edition bottle is available now for a price of $22.99. It can be purchased at Reserve Bar.

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