Chipotle adds new organic beverages to its expanding menus

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A new organic beverages are here to pair with your favorite Chipotle burrito or bowl.

When other restaurants are limiting their menus, Chipotle is adding to its menu options. New organic beverages are joining those burritos and bowls. The Tractor Beverage Company will offer “non-GME, certified organic Lemonades, Aguas Frescas and Tea.” Additionally, Tractor Beverage Company created two Chipotle exclusive flavors, Organic Lemonade and Organic Hibiscus Lemonade.

Sometimes having the right beverage with a meal can make the experience even more enjoyable. It isn’t just that margarita with certain tacos or even wine and beer pairings. Food and beverages, when eaten together, can create varying flavor combinations.

The contrasting flavors in a beverage and dish can bring out certain aspects. From hints of sweetness to touches of spice, it is all about finding the perfect flavor balance. Even if cilantro isn’t for you, these beverages might make that guacamole taste even better.

By partnering with the Tractor Beverage Company, the popular quick service chain has not only found a flavorful beverage for its menu but also has found a way to enhance the brand’s Food with Integrity standards.

This beverage company looks to bring more flavor to beverages. Whether it is that tartness of the lemon in a lemonade to the sweetness of the Organic Mandarin Agua Fresca, these beverages aren’t just another soda. After guests take a sip, they will appreciate the attention to the little details.

While the majority of people will be drawn to these beverages for their flavors, the beverages do more than just quench a thirst. “5% of profits (are) being donated to causes that support farmers.” This initiative continues other efforts like the Virtual Farmers’ Market that allowed consumers to buy ingredients directly from suppliers.

To celebrate this new beverage launch, Chipotle is hosting a giveaway. More details can be found on the brand’s Instagram page. One lucky person could get a summer’s worth of beverages.

The new Tractor Beverage Company offerings will begin on July 21 at various locations. Check with your local restaurant for availability.

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What do you think of this new Chipotle beverage offering? Do you think that it will make your burrito taste better?