MOVO Wine wants you to get outside and enjoy the good life

MOVO Wine Spritzers. Photo provided by Movo Wine Spritzers
MOVO Wine Spritzers. Photo provided by Movo Wine Spritzers /

MOVO Wine thinks that it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors.

Have you enjoy MOVO Wine yet? The wine spritzers have become a delightful option for the summer. From a backyard barbecue to a day at the beach, these modern wines never need a corkscrew. This summer, MOVO wants to give wine drinkers a reason to grab a can and head outside to enjoy the day.

On July 25, National Wine and Cheese Day, MOVO Wine will offer a very limited edition, custom bike for sale. Not only is this bike adorable, it is the perfect mode of transportation for a wine lover. There is only catch, you have to act quickly to get one.

At 12 p.m. EST, MOVO will be selling their Wine Cruiser at There are only four bicycles available for sale.

While the limited edition status is one reason to try to snag one of these bikes, the price is equally tempting. These epic bikes are just $8.99. That’s right, the decimal is in the right place. The bike is the same price as a four pack of wine.

Looking at this special bike, it is perfect for the wine lover. There is an inner-cooler that holds four MOVO cans, a back cooler and a built-in fold out charcuterie board.

Basically, MOVO has found a way to make wine and cheese go with you anywhere. From that fun beach visit to a ride through the park, you can stop and enjoy the moment with some tasty food and beverages.

The only question to be answered is how far will you ride? Remember you have to ride back home after enjoying all that MOVO and cheese. Always ride responsibly.

Good luck to everyone who wants to get riding this summer. If you score one of these special bikes, share a picture with #FoodSided.

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What summer activities have you been doing? Have they involved a glass of wine?