Boursin Cheese shares delicious restaurant inspired recipes

Boursin Cheese restaurant inspired recipes, Image Courtesy Boursin
Boursin Cheese restaurant inspired recipes, Image Courtesy Boursin /

Boursin Cheese wants to satisfy your cravings with restaurant inspired recipes.

Sometimes a craving just calls to you and Boursin Cheese wants to help satisfy that tasty bite. These restaurant inspired recipes bring the flavors from some amazing restaurant dishes to your table. As foodies wait for their favorite restaurants to welcome them again, these Boursin Cheese recipes bring a taste of the good life into your daily life.

Over the years, Boursin Cheese has been a favorite ingredient for many chefs. Whether it is the special tastings at Epcot’s many food festivals (who can’t help but remember those savory macarons) to Chicago restaurants who have incorporated the Gournay cheese, many dishes benefit from that creamy, flavorful soft cheese.

Recently, Boursin launched the Boursin Restaurant Support program. This program spotlights restaurants that have used the Gournay cheese in some of their popular dishes. Now, the company returns the favor by contributing funds to the struggling restaurant industry.

As part of this program, there are several highlighted recipes from some of Chicago’s best restaurants. While a few of the recipes are slightly elevated, these dishes will inspire any foodie to get into the kitchen and cook.

Here are a few of FoodSided’s favorites Boursin Cheese restaurant inspired recipes.

Boursin Cheese
Sepia’s Lemon and Asparagus Risotto, Image Courtesy Boursin Cheese /

Sepia’s Lemon and Asparagus Risotto

Chicago’s Sepia restaurant is highly acclaimed and its Executive Chef Andrew Zimmerman always delivers delicious dishes. Sepia’s Lemon and Asparagus Risotto blends Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs and Parmigiano-Reggiano to create a creamy, luscious bite that will have anyone swooning.

Looking at this recipe, it is straightforward. If you can make risotto, you can make this recipe. More importantly, this recipe shows that the Boursin adds the big flavor in a way that a home cook can achieve.

Ina Mae’s NOLA Hot Sausage Sliders

While many people love the spice, sometimes a little balance to the heat can make it even more enjoyable. Created by Executive Chef Brian Jupiter, Ina Mae’s Tavern & Packaged Goods, this recipe uses the Boursin Cracked Pepper. The sandwich is topped with this cheese. It could become your new favorite brunch dish.

Boursin Cheese

El Che Steakhouse’s Grilled Ribeye Steaks

There are many ways to finish a steak and Boursin Cheese is a delicious one. By using the Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs, the savory ribeye gets a burst of flavor. When paired with a spinach salad, the flavors just pop. It could be your new favorite way to finish a steak.

The Dearborn’s Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

While blue cheese is often a pairing for buffalo chicken, this recipe uses the Boursin in combination with blue cheese and crème fraiche. The topping offers a more nuanced flavor to the sandwich. This tavern inspired buffalo chicken sandwich will make you forget about every other chicken sandwich.

These restaurant inspired recipes are just a few of the many recipes available on the Boursin website. From restaurant inspired recipes to simple appetizers to amazing side dishes, there are a variety of ways to enjoy the Gournay cheese that everyone has come to love.

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