Blue Point Brewing offers a taste of beach refreshment with LIIT

New LIIT hard tea, photo provided by Blue Point Brewing
New LIIT hard tea, photo provided by Blue Point Brewing /

Are you ready to get LIIT with Blue Point Brewing Company?

Ready to head outside for summer fun and get LIIT with Blue Point Brewing Company.

Summertime is about having fun while finding a way to beat the heat. Blue Point Brewing Company has always found a way to bring innovative and refreshing beverages to its fans. With its newest alcoholic beverage, LIIT, the fresh take on hard tea summer refreshment could have you dreaming of summer nights on the beach.

Beverage trends have been all over the map. From low calorie to reduced alcohol to the ever-growing hard seltzer space, it seems that the beverage aisle is overflowing with options.

Overall, one beverage trend seems to be pulling from iconic beverages that are being transformed in a new way. For example, many people often gravitate to iced tea during the summer because they like the flavor. Now, hard teas are offering that flavor connection but with a different twist.

The new LIIT from Blue Point Brewing Company offers summer fun in a can. The name is a fun play on words. While the name refers to a Long Island Iced Tea (Long Island is also the location of the brewery), many people have used “lit” when referring to drinking too many of those potent potables.

In many ways, the brand’s decision to focus on a hard iced tea was a smart choice. Instead jumping on a bandwagon filled with other brands, this option sets the brewery apart. More importantly, the iced teas have that summer fun vibe that makes opening a can have a little sense of adventure.

The packaging has a 90s vibe. Plus, there is even a LIIT playlist on Spotify. Whether you jam to “Summer Girls” or are ready to “Fight for Your Right” to party, one of these cans is waiting in the cooler to be that perfect refreshment.

Each of the hard teas have a touch of carbonation. Everyone knows that bubbles always bring a party. While the carbonation is not the same as a beer, that element does make the beverage refreshing.

Available in three flavors, Lemon, Mango and Raspberry Lime. Each hard tea is made with 100% real tea, natural ingredients, contains 120 calories, and has a 5% ABV.

While many people might be drawn to the classic lemon or the tropical mango, I would urge everyone to try the raspberry lime. The combination of the sweet raspberry with the bright lime is perfect on a hot day.

Maybe it is the pink and green color combination on the can, but that first sip made me think of carefree summers from years ago. Many people remember those days sitting by the beach, with not a worry in the world. Even if that moment is just hidden in the back cervices of the brain, it is good to revisit those carefree moments everyone once in a while.

Sometimes, a good food memory can make a beverage become an instant classic. And, since this hard tea will be available all year round, it could be that sip that makes those chilly fall nights a little more bearable.

If you want a change from drinking beer, a frose or hard seltzer, consider LIIT from Blue Point Brewing. Sometimes you just need to get LIIT.

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