Budweiser and Dwyane Wade partner on Budweiser Zero

Budweiser Zero & Dwanye Wade launch, photo provided by Budweiser
Budweiser Zero & Dwanye Wade launch, photo provided by Budweiser /

Budweiser Zero is a big move from Budweiser and Dwyane Wade.

One of the biggest beverage trends has been the non-alcoholic/alcohol free beer category. With the launch of Budweiser Zero, the iconic Budweiser brand has found a way to bring the legendary beer to the growing beverage space. With the assistance from Dwyane Wade, this new beverage will be a slam dunk.

For Wade, the new Budweiser Zero is more than just being a spokesperson for the brand. He had a hand in the look of the beverage. While the sleek packaging is eye catching, there is more this beverage than the look. It was designed with the athlete in mind.

According to Wade, he said, “I’m really excited to join Budweiser in bringing their first alcohol free beer to life. With sports making a return, this is timely as Bud Zero is a game changer by letting athletes enjoy the taste of a refreshing beer without impacting their mental and physical game.”

More and more consumers are looking for beverages that fit into their lifestyle. Whether it is the weekend warrior or the aspiring athlete, people want to have that moment of indulgence without derailing all that hard effort.

Budweiser Zero offers that Budweiser refreshment without the after-effects of alcohol. With this option, people do not have to compromise, they can have it all.

This beverage launch is an extension of the Wade and Budweiser partnership. As seen earlier this year, Wade and friends brought back the iconic Whassup calls to raise awareness during the current trying times.

Budweiser understands that its beverages are more than just a bottle sitting in a refrigerator or a reference to those iconic Super Bowl commercials. Even though people are drawn to nostalgic brands because of the familiarity, those brands need to adapt to work within people’s lifestyle choices.

By creating a zero percent ABV, zero-sugar, 50 calorie beverage that still tastes like the Budweiser people love, the brand shows that it is listening to its loyal fans. More importantly, the brand has found a way to deliver innovation without deviating too far from the beverage that made it a legend.

Budweiser Zero can be purchased in 12-pack 12 oz cans and 16 oz cans. A 12 oz bottle version (sold in 6-packs) will be coming in December 2020. While this is an alcohol free brew, the beverage is intended for adults 21 years old or older.

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Are you ready to crack open a can of Budweiser Zero? Does this new beverage fit within your lifestyle?