Dwyane Wade helps Budweiser bring back its Whassup call

Budweiser new whassup commercial. Photo provided by Budweiser
Budweiser new whassup commercial. Photo provided by Budweiser /

Sometimes just calling a friend to say whassup is a great idea. Dwyane Wade and Budweiser have brought back the iconic line as a reminder to make that call.

Although it has been 20 years, the Budweiser Whassup call is an iconic pop culture moment. In today’s unprecedented times, Dwyane Wade and friends are bringing that call back as a reminder that everyone can appreciate a friendly check in, message or FaceTime. When was the last time that you called a friend to just see how it is going?

Whether you say, whassup, hiiiey, or how you doing, calling a friend, family member or loved one can make a someone’s day a little better. While everyone understands that staying in is necessary, sometimes that isolation can be overwhelming. A call can help make that loneliness seem less overwhelming.

In the new Budweiser spot, Wade and friends recreate a  version of that classic call. According to Wade, he loved “the idea of bringing them back as a genuine PSA to connect with each other. We encourage everyone to take a moment out from their day to check-in with their friends and loved ones during this difficult time.”

While the ad, itself, will bring smiles, the message is more important. By encouraging people to reconnect, everyone can find a way to come together. Whether it is a call, a Zoom or just a note of encouragement, those moments of bringing people together show that everyone can get through these difficult times when we do it together.


As part of bringing back the whassup ad and reminding people to connect with others, Budweiser will host live “whassup” chats every Thursday on Instagram Live. Various celebrities will check in, enjoy a Bud and answer questions. The first event will be Thursday, April 30 at 6:00 p.m. EST.

Also, Budweiser has joined with the Salvation Army through this PSA campaign. The Salvation Army has a nationwide hotline for people to call and to talk. Many people are overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. This hotline gives the people the opportunity to talk and understand that they are not alone.

The Salvation Army hotline can be reached at 1-844-458-HOPE (4673), 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM EST, seven days a week. Messages can be left after hours.

Hopefully, the new Whassup commercials make people smile, make people laugh and more importantly remind people to place a call, send a note and check in with friends and family. Even though we all know that we are in this crisis together, that encouraging voice can make any day a little brighter.

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How are you connecting with friends and family? What is your way of saying Whassup?