Toast to the win? Best Super Bowl LIV beer commercials

Michelob Ultra Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by Michelob Ultra
Michelob Ultra Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by Michelob Ultra /

While snacks and chicken wings filled the table, the best Super Bowl beer commercials made everyone want to grab a frosty, cold one.

After the halftime show, everyone might need a frosty cold one. Luckily the best Super Bowl beer commercials had viewers feeling all types of emotions. From feeling less guilty about grabbing a second beer to being proud to be an American, the Super Bowl beer commercials might have shown beer brings people together.

Even though the alcoholic seltzer trend continues, beer, specifically lower calorie, lower carb beer, was the big trend during the Super Bowl commercials. Whether people were still thinking about their New Year’s Resolutions or other beer brands decided on non-commercial promotions, it was a low carb, light beer extravaganza.

Although the Bud Light Knight didn’t get his own commercial, Bud Light did make an appearance during the Big Game. The Post Malone commercial had an interesting twist.

Earlier in the week, fans were able to choose which Post Malone Bud Light Seltzer commercial they wanted to see during the game. Fans choose the #PostyStore.

This Super Bowl commercial was amusing. In a way, watching a snack mess in the store just made everyone smile. Or, maybe it was just Post Malone. Either way, it was a win.

Michelob Ultra was the commercial that captured the sentiment that many people understand, working out just to work off those beer calories. Who hasn’t tried to figure out how many calories they burned at the gym just to enjoy a beer with friends?

In many ways, this commercial epitomizes the Michelob Ultra brand. From the brand being the Official Turkey Trot beer to sponsoring sports events, the brand gives people lifestyle balance. It is ok to have a beer that will not ruin all that hard work.

Continuing the lower ABV and lower carb trend, the Saint Archer Gold put its lower carb, lower calorie, lower ABV beer up for consideration. That beer brand even offered to purchase a 6-pack for Ultra fans for them to taste the difference.

While trends ebb and flow, Budweiser always finds a way to put some heart in its message. This year’s Super Bowl commercial was clear, America is great. Budweiser even updated its label with the concept.

This Super Bowl beer commercial got people to feel good. It celebrated people at their best. Sometimes everyone needs a positive moment.

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Which Super Bowl beer commercials were your favorite? Did the commercials make you want to crack open a cold one?