Will you join Turkey Trotters and trot for beer this Thanksgiving?


Turkey Trotters toast your success with this year’s official race beer. And, don’t worry you will have room for an extra helping of mashed potatoes.

For many runners, Thanksgiving means the return of the Turkey Trotters. This year toast your holiday exercise with the official beer, Michelob ULTRA. Who is ready to trot for beer this year?

Whether you are an avid runner or prefer just to run for a medal, Turkey Trots have become one of the more popular holiday races. Throughout the country, people get up early on Thanksgiving morning, lace up their running shoes and get a few miles under their belts.

In many cases, these Thanksgiving races are meant to be fun. From getting dressed up in Thanksgiving costumes to running with family, that hour or so in the morning can be a great start to the day.

For some people, they choose to join the Turkey Trotters to burn off a few extra calories for the food feast coming later in the day. No one wants to feel guilty about eating an extra helping of stuffing or another piece of pie.

Last year, Michelob ULTRA celebrated the success of those holiday runners and this year the beer brand is now “The Official Beer of Turkey Trotters.” This designation encourages holiday runners to share how they #WillTrotForBeer on Thanksgiving.

While one beer can be a good hydration choice after a race, this Michelob ULTRA is looking to do better with all that holiday running. For each “trotter” who shares their race day photo with Michelob Ultra, the beer brand will donate a $1 to AmpleHarvest.org. So, this year, your running not only is good for your waistline but also helps to end food waste and hunger.

Even if you are not an avid runner, join in the holiday Turkey Trotters fun this year. From helping a worthy cause to burning a few extra calories, running can be a great way to start the day. Plus, there’s no difficult holiday conversations allowed while running.

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Are you part of the Turkey Trotters this year? What’s your favorite post-run beer?