Hefty has the perfect answer for those difficult holiday party questions


Everyone has had that awkward holiday party moment. Hefty has created the simple, easy solution to those difficult holiday party questions – talk to the cup.

Finally, Hefty has the ultimate must have holiday party item. Instead of abruptly walking away from dear Aunt Edna and her question about why you’re still single, this year, let your cup do the talking for you.

Do you avoid Thanksgiving dinner with the family because they will ask the question that you don’t want answer? Everyone has been there at least once. From why don’t you have a job to why haven’t you found that special someone, the holidays seem to be filled with “those” questions that you just want to avoid. What if someone had a simple, creative answer for you.

Hefty is making the holidays merry and bright with Hefty Holiday Party Cups. These limited-edition cups make those awkward moments a little more bearable. With 10 sayings in a pack, these cups will definitely make the holidays a lot more entertaining.

According to Hefty, the Holiday Party Cups have the following sayings:

"Yes, I’m single and happyAsk about my furbabyI’m funemployedDon’t ask me who I’m voting forDiet starts MondayAccepting $, not adviceNo commentBottoms up!#thankful___ (Fill in the blank)"

Basically, these sayings are the phrases that you want to say, but know that these comments might get you banished to the kids’ table. Now, you have the best excuse to grab a beverage and get into the holiday party circuit.

Save the holidays with Hefty Holiday Party Cups, photo provided by Hefty

While everyone knows that certain topics should be avoided at holiday parties, that conversation etiquette is often forgotten. It could just be family or maybe it is that second (or fourth beer) that seems to take away that proper filter.

In some ways, that “fill in the blank” cup might be the perfect cup for any occasion. Wouldn’t you want to have one perfect answer that basically gets everyone off the bad topic and back to something more fun, like what is your favorite Skittles flavor?

Even if you miss out of these special Hefty Holiday Cups, you could create your own for the holiday party season. Personally, I would like a rotating cup with a couple of phrases. Simple ideas like, no I’m not done with my holiday shopping or yes, I’m always this tired, would be perfect phrases for any busy mom.

If you are looking to add some humor to your holiday party, the Hefty Holiday Party Cups are available at HeftyPartyCupsSaveTheHolidays.com. The 20 cup pack has 10 unique phrases and are available while supplies last.

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What would be your perfect response for one of these Hefty Party Cups?