1 in 4 Americans commit this party foul


A party foul can turn a festive celebration into a party disaster. Is there an effective way to eliminate the dreaded party fouls?

What is a party foul? There are certain behaviors that are just not allowed at celebrations. While everyone may beg to differ on the severity of bad party behavior, party fouls can put a big damper on the celebration. But, what is the ultimate bad behavior that 1 in 4 Americans commit?

The biggest party foul is the dreaded double dip. There was even a Seinfield episode on this atrocity. No one wants see a person dip and dip again at a party. It is the ultimate poor party choice.

What options does a party host have to avoid the dreaded double dip? Dips are a party food favorite. No one can constantly hover over the dip and chips. Since there is no dip bowl referee, there needs to be a better way.

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Luckily, the Philadelphia Dips Double Diptector has come to the rescue. The Double Diptector will ensure that those party offenders will be apprehended. This special bowl sounds a loud alarm and snaps a photo of the offender. No more party fouls by the double dippers.

While this idea has extreme merit, there is only one of these party essentials available. Anyone can big on this special kitchen gadget. It will cost a pretty penny. The current big is over $1,000.

This fun party idea is part of a promotion for the new Philadelphia Dips. These dips combine Philadelphia cream cheese and real vegetables. The flavors are Jalapeño Cheddar, Southwest Style with Black Bean & Corn, and Buffalo Style with Celery. Whether you like a pita chip, cracker or other chip, dips are a party favorite and these dips go with everything.

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Don’t let you next party be ruined by the ultimate party foul? Prevent double dipping and keep the party festivities going.