Sorry yellow Skittles, but you are the least wanted in the rainbow


It’s finally a proven fact. Yellow Skittles are the least popular flavor in the rainbow.

Do you avoid those yellow Skittles? While many people love tasting the rainbow, it seems that the yellow ones are often left in the bowl, discarded or given to your kids to eat. Why does everyone so dislike this flavor of the rainbow?

Recently, Skittles performed a huge survey to determine some interesting Skittles facts. The candy brand wanted to learn more about how people eat those colorful candies. While a few findings may not have been overly surprising, other facts will have you scratching your head and wondering why?

One of the biggest debates surrounding Skittles has always been the yellow ones. Finally, this study proves that only 6% of people really like the yellow ones.

While the yellow Skittles conclusion might have been expected, the candy brand found some curious findings about the entire rainbow. Whether you like red, orange or green, that favorite color does say something about your personality.

Since red is such a vibrant color and the color of love, it makes sense that red Skittles fans are the romantics. While these red fans might be in a relationship, those strawberry red Skittles are America’s favorite flavor. Maybe expressing that love of red might get someone to swipe right.

On the other side, you don’t want to see a potential mate say that he loves green Skittles. Those people who grab green could possibly ghost you. After all, Kermit said it isn’t easy being green.

For many people, sports are life. Those sports fans tend to choose orange as their favorite Skittles. Now, that orange doesn’t mean that these candy lovers are Browns or Bears fans, but these candy fans might be the ones cheering loudest on game day.

Lastly, purple Skittles fans are more likely to be introverts. This finding seems a little confusing. Purple is such a vibrant color. It would have seemed that purple lovers would be more outgoing.

Personally, I like to combine my Skittles. And, yes, sometimes that yellow-green combination is tasty. Maybe it is the Packers fan in me that gravitates to that color combination. Then again, maybe I just prefer the simpler things in life.

All of these findings are pretty entertaining. If you are wondering what your Skittles-eating style says about you and your personality, head over to

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What is your favorite Skittles color/flavor? Do you agree with the yellow Skittles findings?