Ready for Believeland Pepsi: Cleveland Browns return to Sunday Night Football


Do you believe in the Cleveland Browns? Believeland Pepsi marks the team’s return to NBC’s Sunday Night Football and hopefully another win.

Believeland Pepsi could be another example that the Cleveland Browns season will be a good one. After the team crushed the Jets on Monday Night Football, the Browns look to continue their success on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. Are you ready to believe?

It has been 11 years since the embattled Browns have been on Sunday Night Football. While the Browns had an unfortunate, tremendous losing streak, the team looks to build on some positive vibes. With some new players sparking some tremendous plays, the Cleveland fans are ready to believe.

To celebrate the team’s return to Sunday Night Football, Pepsi is releasing 1,100 limited edition Believeland Pepsi. (100 bottles per every year that it has been since Cleveland has been on SNF). The custom, orange colored cola will be given out leading up to Sunday’s big game.

Now, the beverage tastes the same as Pepsi, just with a different color. Truthfully, fans will want this beverage for two reasons. One, they want to support the Browns. Second, they want a limited edition beverage that only a few people will have. It could be possible that some people won’t even take a sip of this Pepsi.

This special beverage is part of Pepsi’s Always Be Celebrating campaign this season. The campaign focuses on the celebratory moments between fans and their favorite teams. The beverage brand is wanting to celebrate Cleveland’s most loyal fans who have stuck behind their Browns, even in the darkest of days.

This Sunday and the game looks to be a huge celebration. Defensive End Myles Garrett said, that “there has been so much hype and energy building among fans across the country this year.” This Pepsi is another example of those extra celebratory moments that fans loyal to their favorite teams.

True fans are loyal to their teams even in difficult times. The Browns fans have stood behind the struggling team. While this season looks to be more successful, the fans will continue to support their football team.

Looking at this particular limited edition beverage and the associated tailgate party of Lindey’s Lake House Flats on Sunday, it begs the question could other big celebrations happen throughout the season. While Cleveland celebrates its return to Sunday Night Football, what other big moments might be celebrated this football season.

Be on the lookout this week for Believeland Pepsi in the Cleveland area. From the tailgate party at Lindey’s Lake House Flats to Myles Garrett’s Twitter page and the hashtag #GoBelieveland, this week is all about celebrating Browns football and its fans.

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Have you stuck by the Cleveland Browns? Will you be searching for a Believeland Pepsi?