Bud Light Victory Fridge: Can the Browns unlock a victory beer?


Bud Light Victory Fridge gives hope to the struggling Browns fans. Which regular season game will bring victory beers to Cleveland?

Bud Light wants to make the Browns first regular season win a rousing celebration. With the new Victory Fridge, Cleveland will be able to raise a frosty cold beer to a victory, finally. The bigger question will be can these Victory Fridges survive until that eventual win?

These Victory Fridges have been delivered to select bars around Cleveland and at Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium. According to the beer company, these special beer fridges will automatically unlock after the Browns’ first regular season win. With special technology, the fridges will simultaneously unlock once the first tally is put in the win column. While this idea/promotion is quite entertaining, is it a good idea?

Bud Light Introduces Cleveland Browns “Victory Fridges” To Reward Fans (PRNewsfoto/Bud Light)

A couple items concern me about this promotion. First, the Victory Fridges in Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium could mock fans as the season progresses. If Cleveland cannot score a victory, will fans take their frustration on the fridge? Could a person actually break open, tip over or destroy these fridges? If December rolls around and the fridge hasn’t been unlocked, maybe the victory beer will turn into a consolation beer.

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Second, could someone hack the WI-FI signal? In bars, the fridges may not be such an issue. The stadium becomes more concerning. Again, if the victory doesn’t come quickly, could people try to hack their way into the fridge?

Lastly, when the victory comes, does the “free” beer become an issue? Anyone at a stadium knows that beer sales are usually cut off by the beginning of the fourth quarter. If everyone is getting a victory beer as they leave the stadium, does that create an issue with fans driving home? Hopefully, everyone drinks responsibly.

While I may have pointed out some questions regarding this Bud Light promotion, the concept of celebrating a team’s victory with friends and fellow fans is a great one. Of course, it is a fun promotion to get people talking about Bud Light (and the Browns’ losing streak). Still, the idea of sharing a moment and creating a memory with friends and fellow fans is a good one.

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One big question remains, will the Bud Light Victory Fridge be unlocked this season? Anyone have a guess on which game will have fans raising an ice cold beer in triumph?