Bud Light Cleveland Browns victory fridge is back and you can buy one


Bud Light is bringing more happiness to Cleveland Browns fans. The Bud Light Cleveland Browns victory fridge is back and every Browns fan can own their own.

Football season and Bud Light can be a winning combination. While many teams have their logos emblazoned on the cans this season, Cleveland Browns fans have an even bigger way to celebrate the upcoming football season. The infamous Cleveland Browns victory fridge could be in your man cave.

According to Bud Light, the B.L & Brown’s Appliance Super Store will official open on Tuesday, September 3 and Wednesday, September 4. For those two days, Browns fans can get their own victory fridge.

The cost of this appliance ranges from $199.99 to $599.99. With purchase, the customers will get a redemption code that can be used to stock the fridge with Bud Light.

To build some excitement about this launch, Bud Light is partnering with WWE Superstar, The Miz. While he had his own victory fridge last year, he wants all Browns fans to have the same opportunity.
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While many Cleveland Brown football fans will want to have this fridge in their house, it begs the question, why just the Browns? Where are the other teams that are in need of a victory fridge?

Although some football teams tend to have football dynasties, other teams have various ebbs and flows. Whether it is the Chicago Bears or the New York Giants, some teams have big draughts between victorious seasons. Sure, the Browns had to wait 635 days for a victory, but not everyone can be the Patriots.

The B.L & Brown’s Appliance Super Store will be located at 1870 W 25th Street in Cleveland. The store will be open 1 p.m. till 9 p.m. on September 3 and 4.

According to Bud Light, during the grand opening ceremony on September 3, “The Miz, Cleveland Browns players, Browns legends, the Mayor of Cleveland, Frank Jackson, the Bud Knight and more” will be on hand.

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Are you interested in buying the Bud Light Cleveland Browns victory fridge? What do you drink to toast your team’s victory?