Zombie Skittles: Do you dare eat the zombie rainbow?


Zombie Skittles will be lurking the Halloween candy aisle. Will the zombie rainbow be a treat or will it trick candy fans with this fruity candy?

Skittles is back with a new flavor. Zombie Skittles are the latest flavor from the Mars Wrigley company. While these new fruit flavored candies won’t hit store shelves till Halloween 2019, the announcement is quite interesting. Why are zombie candies so popular?

The Skittles announcement comes after Sour Patch Kids released zombie candies earlier this month. Other brands have adopted the zombie theme previously. It seems that Halloween is more like Zombie-ween in the candy aisle.

According to Mars Wrigley, the new Skittles Zombie pack will feature five flavors. The regular five flavors are “Petrifying Citrus Punch, Mummified Melon, Boogeyman Blackberry, Chilling Black Cherry, and Blood Red Berry.” These flavors don’t seem too outrageous. While they aren’t the traditional Skittles flavors, the flavors fit with the zombie theme.

Zombie Skilles, photo provided by Mars Wrigley


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The most exciting flavor of the five is the Chilling Black Cherry. While I don’t think that this flavor will have a cool, menthol aftertaste, the black cherry flavor could bring a nice balance of sweet and tart. Since Skittles are often eaten in handfuls, the combination of flavors seem to work well together.

The more interesting tidbit in this announcements is the hidden zombie flavor. The brand says that each pack will have hidden Rotten Zombie flavors. While this flavor wasn’t revealed, the flavor should definitely be pungent.

While I have no idea what a rotten zombie tastes like, I would assume the taste will be either extremely bitter or horribly sour. My guess is that anyone will instantly know that they have eaten a rotten candy, even in a big handful.

This exceptional hidden flavor sounds a bit like a Jelly Belly’s Bean Boozled candies. From Minion Farts to Harry Potter’s icky creations, these off-flavors are popular with kids. I’ve tried the Minion Farts before and it is nothing too horrible. The strange flavor is part of the fun experience of eating these candies.

The Zombie Skittles will surely become a popular Halloween treat. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait till 2019 to indulge in this spooky treats. The candy will be available in a share size, lay down bag and a fun size bag.

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Will you be serving these candies next Halloween? Let’s hope that the flavor is worth the wait.