Zombie invasion takes over 7-Eleven, ready for Sour Patch Kids Zombie Candy?


7-Eleven is experiencing a zombie invasion. Instead of walkers roaming the aisles, Sour Patch Kids Zombie Candy has invaded store shelves.

Are you a zombie catcher? Head to 7-Eleven to catch some sweet and sour limited edition Sour Patch Kids Zombie Candy. Just in time for National Zombie Day on October 7, these special sour candies are available on 7-Eleven store shelves. Don’t worry about these zombies taking over stores forever. The special candies will disappear before the apocalypse.

The Sour Patch Kids Zombie Candy comes in 5-ounce bags. Unlike other Sour Patch Kids candies, this version comes in just two colors and flavors. The orange and purple colors are reminiscent of Halloween. Whether the colors conjure the spirit of Halloween or the creepy color of zombies, the color choice is fun for Halloween.

Each candy has the classic little kid shape. Although zombies aren’t alive, pop culture says to kill a zombie that you have to destroy its brain. With these candies, I wonder if fans should bite the candy head off first.


The colors do reference the candies’ flavors. Purple is a grape flavored candy and orange is an orange flavored candy. Both candies have that sweet, yet sour combination that Sour Patch Kids are iconic to the popular candy.

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Although I haven’t tried these new candies, I have never thought to put orange and grape candies together. That flavor combination seems a little unusual. While citrus and grapes work in a fruit salad, it must work in a sour candy scenario, too.

These candies are exclusive to 7-Eleven. It is another example of the brand working with food companies to gain exclusive products to its shelves. Previously, there were Deadpool 2 and the Capt n’ Crunch slurpee promotions. It will be interesting to see what promotions occur in the future.

The launch of these zombie candies going into the Halloween season is smart. Halloween represents billions of dollars in candy sales. Additionally, sour candies are always a popular choice. More and more candy companies are expanding their sour candy offerings.

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Don’t fear the zombie invasion taking over 7-Eleven. These Sour Patch Kids Zombie Candy are a sweet treat for the Zombie Day and the Halloween season. But, will these candies leave you craving a different zombie-inspired treat?