Whataburger at 70: 7 unique Whataburger facts that make it a fast food legend

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As Whataburger turns 70, these unique Whataburger facts make it a fast food legend.

Have you had a Whataburger? For Texans, these unique Whataburger facts might be etched in their fast food knowledge. As the brand celebrates its 70 anniversary, it is time to look back and rediscover why this fast food legend deserves its legions of fans.

Driving down a highway, that orange “W” is like a beacon calling people to make a stop. While each region has their beloved fast food restaurant, Texans and many Southerners rank Whataburger as their top choice. Regardless of the reasons, there are many unique facts that make Whataburger one of the kind.

Founded by Harmon Dobson, the first Whataburger opened on August 8, 1950. While that original metal building in Corpus Christi might have seemed small, it launched an iconic brand that is still hugely popular today. From the orange and white color scheme to being known as the Hometown Burger, everyone knows that a stop at one of these restaurants is always a good choice.

Here are 7 unique Whataburger facts that you need to know.

The original quarter pound burger

Although people might debate the most popular quarter pounder, Whataburger originated the quarter pound burger. Dobson wanted to make a better burger and that burger was bigger. This burger was bigger than a standard patty. It goes to show that everything is bigger in Texas.

It was an expensive burger in the beginning

When the Whataburger burger debuted, it was 25 cents. That price was more expensive than the fast food competition. Still, many people were more than willing to pay the price.

Yes, the bun does matter

Just like the bigger size burger, the Whataburger bun is a 5 inch bun. This size was larger and had to be specially made for Whataburger. When Dobson wanted a burger than you had to eat with two hands, the bun did matter.

Whataburger Ketchup

If you going to put a condiment on a Whataburger, it better be a good one. Whataburger Ketchup is unique to the brand. Stores, like H.E.B, sell the ketchup. Also, there are many urban legends about the numbers on the ketchup containers. But, the most important thing is that the Whataburger ketchup is tasty.

How many combinations are there?

Depending on who you ask, there are between 36,000 to 38,000 combinations of Whataburger options. That number is almost impossible to fathom. Basically, you could eat a different Whataburger every day for your life and not make it through all the possible combinations.

Breaking boundaries

In 1969, Grace Dobson was named chairwoman of the board. As one of the first female head chairs of a top fast food restaurant, she was a trailblazer in the food industry.

Today, Whataburger continues to be a leader in the community and in business. From supporting schools to first responders, the company is always looking for ways to support the communities that support them.

What’s in the drive thru?

Although the sight is uncommon, you can bring your horse to a Whataburger drive thru. There are various stories of people bringing unusual types of transportation to the restaurant. From tractors to horses, fans will find a way to satisfy that Whataburger craving.

If you haven’t been to a Whataburger, make a trip to one of the Southern states where you can find one of these restaurants. Just look for that big W and the orange and white stripes. After one bite, you will understand why it is a fast food legion.

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Do you know other unique Whataburger facts? When was the last time you had a Whataburger?