Whole Foods Home Ec 365 helps you live your best life

Whole Foods Introducing Home Ec 365, photo provided by Whole Foods
Whole Foods Introducing Home Ec 365, photo provided by Whole Foods /

Whole Foods Home Ec 365 helps home cooks learn more about today’s cooking.

Over the past several months, food trends and cooking habits have drastically changed. Whole Foods Home Ec is here to assist everyone to find their best life. Even if you took home economics many years ago, this new digital curriculum will help everyone learn some new tricks and tips to make their food choices even better.

Although many people might search for the best recipes, tastiest treats or a variety of other food tips, some ideas might be a little old school. Even though some tried and true methods are always a good choice, everyone needs to adapt to the current times. Whether it is alternative flours or learning to eliminate food waste, some of those old school techniques have become stale.

The new Whole Foods Home Ec 365 is a series of four unique classes which are being taught by various experts. The classes will tackle subjects like creative baking swaps and transforming food scraps. Whether you are a great cook or only order takeout, these classes will help you see that your home kitchen can be source of food inspiration.

The four classes available are: Swap-Savvy Baking: Getting Creative with Recipes & Replacements, So Fresh & So Clean: How to Effectively Clean Your Appliances, Use ‘Em Up! How to Transform Food Scraps & Leftovers and Smarter Shopping: Save, Stock & Invest. Each class is taught by food experts, including Joy the Baker. While each virtual class is quite educational, the Swap-Savvy Baking and Transform Food Scraps could be the most helpful for families.

Thinking about the food scraps class, this concept could be extremely helpful for families. As food costs continue to rise, families are looking for ways to stretch their dollar. Any helpful tips could make a big difference in the weekly food bill.

Also, Whole Foods is looking to help students in this Home Ec class save some money. Enrolled students will get coupons for their “school supplies.” These school supplies include various essentials 365 brand items.

If you are ready to go back to school, join Whole Foods Home Ec 365. You don’t have to be the teacher’s pet to earn a gold star in this virtual class. Is your pencil (or knife) sharpened?

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