Rocsi Diaz tells why Cannonball is summer fun for everyone

CANNONBALL -- Season:1 -- Pictured: Rocsi Diaz -- (Photo by: James Dimmock/USA Network)
CANNONBALL -- Season:1 -- Pictured: Rocsi Diaz -- (Photo by: James Dimmock/USA Network) /

On Cannonball, Rocsi Diaz has captivated viewers with pure summer fun.

While this version of Cannonball might be different than your backyard variety, Rocsi Diaz believes that this summer show captures those joyful summer moments. As the USA Network show’s co-host, Diaz brings her quick wit and engaging personality to the mix. With Mike, The Miz, Mizanin sharing the hosting responsibilities, the pair is never at a loss for words.

For those unfamiliar, Cannonball asks contestants to master various water challenges. From sliding down a 100 foot slide to surfing in the sky to hitting a target in the water, these challenges give childhood water games fun an epic makeover. Forget the tire swing from camp, these water challenges are not for the faint of heart.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Rocsi Diaz about Cannonball, the appeal of the show and a few of her favorite food recommendations.

Many people remember Diaz from her co-hosting position on 106 & Park. While the talented interviewer honed her skills on Entertainment Tonight, this new co-hosting opportunity brings a different skill to table. Whether it is a turn of a phrase or a quick retort, Diaz is never at a loss for words.

When it comes to summer fun, everyone seems to have a need for a good laugh right now, Diaz agreed that this summer show fills that void in people’s lives. People want to sit, watch and laugh for an hour.

Diaz mentioned that one of the reasons why this show is resonating with people is because it is family fun. She mentioned that “with everything going on in the world, people want to sit with their families for an hour, have some fun and enjoy many laughs.”

Additionally, Diaz mentioned how people are taking to creating Cannonball moments at home. Even on her own Instagram, she took to the pool to find that moment of wet, wild fun in her backyard. While not everyone can re-create the exact same challenges, that backyard pool can inspire some creative competition.

Diaz encourages everyone “to put their own imagination” into having fun. Whether it is trying to hit a target or mastering that highest leap from the side of the pool, there are many ways to bring a piece of Cannonball into the backyard.

One of the appeals of this show is that the contestants come from all walks of life. As Diaz mentioned, this competition is about the “guts, conquering your fears and just doing it.” The stay at home mom has just as good a chance to win as the college athlete.

Diaz mentioned that each contestant had advantages. Where one contestant’s height helped for one aspect another person’s low center of gravity helped in another. All of these regular people looked to embrace the challenge, push themselves and try to achieve the ultimate glory.

Although all the challenges take guts, Diaz couldn’t pick one challenge as the hardest. She mentioned that each task calls on the contestants to show their ability. Whether it is balance in Surf Rider or upper body strength needed in Sidewinder, each one tests different abilities.

While fans of Cannonball see her behind the desk during the show, everyone has to know if she took the plunge down that gigantic slide. Unfortunately, the production team wouldn’t allow her or Mike to test their skills. As she said, “Mike is too fragile” and no one wanted him to get hurt.

That type of comment is why the pairing of Diaz and Mizanin works so well. Their witty banter is the spark of chemistry that makes Cannonball so watchable. Diaz mentioned that neither one “takes themselves too seriously.” Given the premise of the show, that idea of just having fun is mimicked in their back and forth. This show is about enjoying the moment and this pair exemplify that idea.

Rocsi Diaz, Cannonball
CANNONBALL — “I Need to Pay My Bills!” Episode 101 — Pictured: (l-r) Rocsi Diaz, Mike Mizanin — (Photo by: Eddy Chen/NBC/USA Network) /

While Cannonball is entertaining show, there are lessons that can be applied from watching this hour of wet, wild fun. Diaz encourages everyone to just take the opportunity to “break out of their shell.” She chooses to embrace her own ways to find something new and exciting. Everyone just has to be open to the opportunity that is presented to them.

Of course, I had to ask Diaz a few food questions. Referring back to the old saying, don’t jump into the pool without waiting 15 minutes after eating, Diaz thought it was probably best to skip a heavy meal before attempting any Cannonball inspired challenges at home.  That belly flop and a full belly might not be the best mix.

And, since everyone seems to be in their home kitchens cooking more, Diaz shared her favorite meal, Honduran Marmahon. As seen on her Instagram page, this classic dish is Honduran couscous with chicken. For her, this meal is a little taste of home.

Lastly, since everyone has a cheat day, Diaz said that her go to cheat food is a slice of New York style pizza. Personally, if I ever conqueror a 100 foot Cannonball Slide I hope that a hot slice of New York pizza is waiting for me when I get out of the water.

If you haven’t watched Rocsi Diaz on Cannonball, be sure to check out the wet, wild summer fun. You might be inspired to create some big adventures in your backyard.

Cannonball airs on USA Network on Thursday nights at 8 p.m ET.

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Are you a fan of Cannonball? Have you recreated your own challenge in your backyard?