Usual Spritz, adding flavor innovation to the canned wine space

Usual Wines Guava Spritz, photo provided by Usual Wines
Usual Wines Guava Spritz, photo provided by Usual Wines /

Usual Spritz is a tasty reason for Usual Wines fans to pop open a can.

As canned wine popularity surges, Usual Spritz is a new innovation from the Usual Wines brand. While spritz cocktails are often popular during warmer months, this wine spritz has a slightly different flavor direction. In a way, it is a taste of the tropics with the wine.

The Usual Spritz is a low ABV, low calorie canned wine, More importantly, this canned wine spritz has a taste of the tropics. The sparkling wine is mixed with a splash of natural guava juice.

According to the brand, this new beverage has notes of “lemon, elderflower, bergamot and guava.” The combination of flavors is perfect for summertime. The lemon is refreshing which the elderflower adds touch of sweetness. All the notes combine to make a lovely, layered flavor.

The addition of guava is quite exciting. While stone fruits, berries and melons are common wine flavors, guava isn’t necessarily the most likely combination. The touch of the tropical flavor makes this canned wine quite versatile.

Whether enjoyed while enjoying the waves at the beach or simply relaxing in the backyard, this canned wine can go from day to night, lunch to dinner. In addition to bubbles always adding a touch of celebration, the potential food pairings are many.

From some spicy tacos to an Asian noodle salad, there are many directions for food pairings. Probably a simple, tasty pairing would be a goat cheese salad with some cashews and a citrus vinaigrette.

Even a simple cheese plate would be a tasty treat. The combination of guava and cheese is classic.

The Usual Spritz has a 8.5% ABV and 83 calories per serving. A 8.4 oz can retails for $6 and a 6-pack retails for $36.

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What is your preferred summer beverage? Are you part of the canned wine craze?